Triangl Underwear Dupe Cotton On Body

For my best friend Emma's 18th birthday it took me over a week to figure out the perfect present for her. She'd been telling me that she wanted a pair of Triagnl underwear for a few months now, so I happened to see on instagram that Cotton On Body had made dupes of the Milly range. There are two different styles available; the Scubra bra $29.95 and the Splice KIR bra $29.95the undies are both $9.95 too.

the scuba bra

brasiliano undies 

Soft boyleg undies

Splice KIR bra
They are made in China which is a good thing as they are no longer made in Bangladesh sweat shops anymore. Made out of 86.7% Polyamide and 13.3 elastane and the lining in the crotch is 100% cotton, so you can imagine being made out of these materials how soft the material is on the skin, although it is a little transparent. The Scubra bra, which is the one that I have, is made up of 90% and 10% elastane so it's more supportive with the little bit of padding in the cup.

I find that it doesn't give me any cleavage what so ever and i'm wearing the 10D, i'm usually a 10C but it cut into the top of my breast. It comes in heaps of colours, but for now i've got the Pink Glow and the Dream Blue. On Friday Emma and I are going back to get the white and the charcoal as our Cotton on Body hadn't finished unpacking the stock yet. It also come in a really nice pale mint green.

Zip attack crop

Another thing I really like from the new sportitude range at Cotton on Body is the Zip Attack Crop for $19.95. I just really like the black outlining on these :)

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How to Care For Your Neoprene Triangl or Brakini Swimwear. Triangl Care Instructions.

I'll be brutally honest with you right now, neoprene bikinis are my least favourite bikini style. They're unflattering and frankly i find them uncomfortable as hell. But since this is my most viewed pot i thought i might rewrite it and add in the most asked questions.

So far there isn't really much information about how to care for your neoprene bikinis but there is lots of information about how to care for your wetsuits. Wetsuits are definitely more durable than a Triangl or Brakini. Most girls don't know how to properly care for their swimwear in general. It's common for them to overlook the care and washing instructions that are on the inside of the tags. This happens all the time causing your $100 bikini to wear down quicker than it should have.

 By following these instructions i've had bikinis since I was 13 still last to the present time, this is a guide for neoprene but you can follow it for any type of swimwear. If you take care of your swimwear it will last for a very long time. So here are some steps i've written up to help you care for your bikini this summer.

  • Don't buy a neoprene bikini. - Don't do it, i have 12 of them and never ever wear them because they're uncomfortable.
  • Avoid rough surfaces - I've got the leather look Brakini bottoms and have the silver ones on order, these two designs if they come into contact with a rock or a rough surface will ruin their designs completely. 
  • Do not fold your bikinis - if you fold them you leave a permanent crease in the martial. 
  • If you do crease it i've read that you can use an iron on the neoprene if it's one of the normal designs and not shiny. Place a towel over the top of it and a cooler setting on the iron and you should be fine. 
  • Hand wash you bikini after every wear in plain cool water- the washing machine cannot be trusted with your beautiful bikinis and by washing it after everywhere you are rinsing out any chemicals or salt that are left in the neoprene
  • Dry them on a flat surface out of direct sunlight
  • Avoid leaving them in the sun for too long - as this risks stiffening, drying and cracking.
  • If you do manage to end up with a tear or a hole - you can purchase a neoprene repair kit made for wetsuits if you want to fix it. 
  • Storage - store your neoprene flat. If you want to see how I store my bikinis I wrote a post here
  • Don't wear it to the beach or to any other sandy locations if you plan on sitting down - unless you want to look like you shit yourself.
  • If you get sand inside the material you should soak it in warmer water before stretching the material apart with your hands under the tap. This should pull the tiny spaces between the threads open enough to rinse out the sand. 
  • Once the colour runs after you wash it, it's pretty much stained. I don't know anyway to get the stains out.

Enjoy your bikinis girls! if you have any other questions please comment below or you can email me at

Brakini vs Triangl Bikini Review

Triangl Bikini California Coral 

Okay before I get started, I just want to say in person, these two bikinis are the same shade of pink. I'll have to take a better photo tomorrow. The lighting in my bathroom is really dim so I couldn't get a better coloured photo. Also, my photo looks even more different because I hand washed it - as I wash all my bikinis - so the bottoms are a little wet making them look darker. I'll replace the photo tomorrow when it's daylight.
Brakini are my lifesaver. They are the best quality pair of swimmers I've bought offline for this price, $40. 
There's really no obvious difference between a Triangl bikini and a Brakini except the price tag and the little plastic bits at the end of the straps. To buy a Triangl Bikini you are looking at spending $100 or so on one of them, vs spending $40 on a Brakini (I'm sure they are having a sale right now so some of their 'kinis are down to $29.95)

The sizing is the same. I made the mistake of thinking that I lost enough weight to order in an XS, I was sadly mistaken. The XS top fits perfectly, but the bottoms are a bit tight, and as we all know neoprene doesn't stretch. But that's okay, more reason to get fit for summer. So remember, be brutally honest with your size, don't go smaller or bigger and pay attention to the size chart, it's there for a reason. Also I'm 100% sure the material is the same too. The shape of the tops are exactly the same, I've seen so many dupe copies out there of these two brands and there is too much material in the cup making your breasts look triangle shaped and pointy - not cool right? I've not found this issue with Brakini - its exactly the same shape as a Triangl. 

My experience buying myself a Brakini was really positive - I've already gone back for more!  I ordered this one in less than two weeks ago now, it arrived this morning. Instead of coming with a neoprene beach bag like Triangl, it comes packaged in a plastic beach bag in the same design. I don't need the bag anyway, I usually just use my huge Seafolly beach bag. 

As I've said before, I'm not a mix and match person, but there are options online on Ali to buy separates for colours, styles and sizes if you want to.

Best decision and best way to help keep up with my shopping detox - which I haven't stopped yet!

What do you guys think of this dupe? Don't forget to check out my review on the real Triangl review here. For the record - i no longer own any Triangl bikinis and do not recommend them to anyone. I found that their lack of customer service and blocking customers on instagram was enough for me to never shop with them again. 

How to Store Your Bikinis

A few months ago when I started running out of space in the bottom draw of my wardrobe I decided that I would try to research how other people store their bikinis. Not only did I not find anything after hours of searching on Google but I was nearly out of ideas on how I could fit more into my draw. A few brands like Triangl and Blue Glue Bikinis already came up with a nifty way to store their biknis individually. Triangl like to store theirs in neoprene bags or matchbox like boxes and Blue Glue come in a beautiful little zip up bag. When I did my last my last review i forgot to mention the neoprene beach bag that comes with the Triangl bikinis are really handy because you can actually use them while you are at the beach.

Sunny Boy by Triangl
Indiana Ice b y Triangl

Deep V Blue Glue Bikinis 

Then there's others that won't fit in a bag or a box because of the padding, so I stand them up together like soldiers in line and they fit together holding their shape really well. I do this for all my tops that have padding in them, because there isn't anything worse than pulling your bikini out of the draw in summer and the padding being squished out of shape.

For the others that have no padding in them just a string bag from a cheap shop keeps them packed well. I think I bought these bags in a pack of 3 for $2 or something ridiculously cheap like that. 
I can fit most of them in the bags in my draw like that, it fills it about 3/5ths of the way before the push up bikinis take up the rest of the space. 

Lastly, you might order a bikini and it comes in a sealed plastic bag like this one, I cannnot stress enough on how bad this is for your bikinis during the more humid months of the year. The heat creates precipitation which then creates mould if left alone long enough. While it's fine to transport your bikinis in plastic like this one, it's not safe for long term usage.    
Cape Town by Soul Sistas Swimwear

I get asked a lot how many bikinis do I own, the quick answer to that is 31. The next question that follows that shortly after is how can I afford it, the answer to that one comes in two parts.
part 1, I got given a lot of my collection in my early teens and because I believe in hand washing and careful storage my bikinis have lasted me a lot longer than anyone thought possible. I still own my first Seafolly bikini that I was given for my 13th birthday. It's a little faded now but I can still wear it and it doesn't look 7 years old.

part 2, I did some promo work for a few companies which meant that I was given bikinis for free or was given them at a discounted price.  My Triangl ones I was sent as a gift which was super exciting.

and lastly I get asked for photos of my bikini collection at its current state.... this is my collection on a messy day. It needs to be repacked, but you can clearly see that i've tried to keep the padded bikini tops on the right, followed by their bottoms folded up in the middle then the non padded bikinis in bags on the left.

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