Brakini vs Triangl Bikini Review

Triangl Bikini California Coral 

Okay before I get started, I just want to say in person, these two bikinis are the same shade of pink. I'll have to take a better photo tomorrow. The lighting in my bathroom is really dim so I couldn't get a better coloured photo. Also, my photo looks even more different because I hand washed it - as I wash all my bikinis - so the bottoms are a little wet making them look darker. I'll replace the photo tomorrow when it's daylight.
Brakini are my lifesaver. They are the best quality pair of swimmers I've bought offline for this price, $40. 
There's really no obvious difference between a Triangl bikini and a Brakini except the price tag and the little plastic bits at the end of the straps. To buy a Triangl Bikini you are looking at spending $100 or so on one of them, vs spending $40 on a Brakini (I'm sure they are having a sale right now so some of their 'kinis are down to $29.95)

The sizing is the same. I made the mistake of thinking that I lost enough weight to order in an XS, I was sadly mistaken. The XS top fits perfectly, but the bottoms are a bit tight, and as we all know neoprene doesn't stretch. But that's okay, more reason to get fit for summer. So remember, be brutally honest with your size, don't go smaller or bigger and pay attention to the size chart, it's there for a reason. Also I'm 100% sure the material is the same too. The shape of the tops are exactly the same, I've seen so many dupe copies out there of these two brands and there is too much material in the cup making your breasts look triangle shaped and pointy - not cool right? I've not found this issue with Brakini - its exactly the same shape as a Triangl. 

My experience buying myself a Brakini was really positive - I've already gone back for more!  I ordered this one in less than two weeks ago now, it arrived this morning. Instead of coming with a neoprene beach bag like Triangl, it comes packaged in a plastic beach bag in the same design. I don't need the bag anyway, I usually just use my huge Seafolly beach bag. 

As I've said before, I'm not a mix and match person, but there are options online on Ali to buy separates for colours, styles and sizes if you want to.

Best decision and best way to help keep up with my shopping detox - which I haven't stopped yet!

What do you guys think of this dupe? Don't forget to check out my review on the real Triangl review here. For the record - i no longer own any Triangl bikinis and do not recommend them to anyone. I found that their lack of customer service and blocking customers on instagram was enough for me to never shop with them again. 

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