Triangl Underwear Dupe Cotton On Body

For my best friend Emma's 18th birthday it took me over a week to figure out the perfect present for her. She'd been telling me that she wanted a pair of Triagnl underwear for a few months now, so I happened to see on instagram that Cotton On Body had made dupes of the Milly range. There are two different styles available; the Scubra bra $29.95 and the Splice KIR bra $29.95the undies are both $9.95 too.

the scuba bra

brasiliano undies 

Soft boyleg undies

Splice KIR bra
They are made in China which is a good thing as they are no longer made in Bangladesh sweat shops anymore. Made out of 86.7% Polyamide and 13.3 elastane and the lining in the crotch is 100% cotton, so you can imagine being made out of these materials how soft the material is on the skin, although it is a little transparent. The Scubra bra, which is the one that I have, is made up of 90% and 10% elastane so it's more supportive with the little bit of padding in the cup.

I find that it doesn't give me any cleavage what so ever and i'm wearing the 10D, i'm usually a 10C but it cut into the top of my breast. It comes in heaps of colours, but for now i've got the Pink Glow and the Dream Blue. On Friday Emma and I are going back to get the white and the charcoal as our Cotton on Body hadn't finished unpacking the stock yet. It also come in a really nice pale mint green.

Zip attack crop

Another thing I really like from the new sportitude range at Cotton on Body is the Zip Attack Crop for $19.95. I just really like the black outlining on these :)

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