Midori Bikinis Review

I recently ordered a set of Midori Bikinis , it was really difficult to place this order. It took 3 attempts and it still didn't work properly and I had to contact them for support.

The website had taken months to restock in smaller sizes, when i finally got through to placing the items in my cart, I ordered a small in the Mau Loa in the top and bottom of the Caico (I'd been in love with it for months). The website crashed when i filled out my paypal details for payment options.
It took hours for the website to be back up and running, so reselected my items and paid. The confirmation email came through but the sizes were incorrect.

I emailed the girls back and let them know what happened. I know for certain that I selected my sizes as I doubled checked them! they replied back and let me know that they always check their emails before sending orders out. They told me for my size I was better getting a medium in the bottoms, so I did.

O U R     L I N E
MIDORI BIKINIS  was founded on our belief that a small piece of material shouldn't cost a fortune. We strive to set ourselves apart from small, expensive 
boutiques through our commitment to seriously competitive prices. From the Kailua Classic to the Whale Tale we have multiple styles that adhere to a variety of body types,allowing you to boldly flaunt your bikini bod wherever you go. Inspired by and designed on the islands, our styles are made to be worn daily. Having been produced in Brazil from Extra Life Lycra; a material 10x more resistant to fading and losing its shape than your average swimwear material, our pieces will withstand any adventure you set out on, from the beaches of Hawai'i nei to the coast of Australia and everywhere in between.

To provide unique and affordable swimwear options to women worldwide while employing the highest standard of customer service and intimacy.
Our vision is to continuously adapt to the needs of our customers by thoroughly listening to every opinion and regarding opinions that suggest change not as criticism but as opportunities to improve. In doing so, we aim to lead the swimwear industry in creating designs that stand out among all others, becoming the one stop shop for Brazilian cuts in the US.
As a company, we believe in the notion that sincere Aloha, honesty, and integrity are the most valued characteristics of any business. As such, our highest priorities are customer intimacy, staying true to our promise of high quality, and refusing to give in to the unethical world of overpriced retailing.

The bottoms were a little big on me but it's not a bad fit. The top came with horrible padding that i've removed. The padding didn't fit around my breast so i took it out, now it fits heaps better! I've got padding from other swimmers and sports bras that i'll put in there closer to summer. 
Both pieces cost $34 each and shipping cost an additional $25 for international shipping. 

M A U    L O A    T O P S
Halter top featuring three back straps designed to provide all day comparability. New & improved with soft, removable padding. 
Please note that the pattern positioning of each piece will vary so that no piece will look exactly the same; each will be unique in its own way. Differences in screen resolution may also result in colors appearing lighter, darker, duller, or brighter. 
M A D E    W/   L O V E
  • Made of the highest-quality Invista® LYCRA from Brazil
  • 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex
T I P S   +    C A R E
  • Hand wash cold, inside out, do not use bleach
  • Rinse in cold water after use
  • Line dry or dry flat. Do not wring, twist or iron.
You must agree to the terms and conditions of purchasing to continue through the check out, it's a good idea but irritating too. 

I will be purchasing from Midori Bikinis again in the future because I LOVE their products even though I had difficulty ordering them.

Brakinis Santa Rosa Splash Review

It's completely surf and dive safe, I'll be taking it with me when I go over seas next year scuba diving. They won't come off if I jump into the ocean or get hit by a wave. Neoprene is the same material that they make wetsuits out of so it's honestly the best type of material to wear swimming. 
 Here are the care instructions that I follow to care for my swimwear.

As I've said before, stick to your size, I wear a small in both top and bottoms and they fit really well. They don't stretch much at all, hence why mine look a little tight. If they're not tight or fitted there is a chance that when they're wet they will expand with water and slip off your hips.

6 - 8
8 - 10
10 - 12
12 - 14
2 - 4
4 - 6
6 - 8
8 - 10
2 - 4
4 - 6
6 - 8
8 - 10
34 - 36
36 - 38
38 - 40
40 - 42
5 - 7
7 - 9
9 - 11
11 - 13

A - B
B - C
C - D
D - DD

Here are the questions that Bella and Rachel at Brakinis get asked all the time;


DHL express - Each order is charged at a flat rate of 24.99 USD !
E-Packet - Each order is charged at a flat rate of 9.99 USD !


DHL express - Orders are generally delivered within 3-10 working days !
E-Packet - Orders are generally delivered within 7-21 working days !
There can be the occasional customs or courier delay which may affect your delivery timeframe
Please allow for 1-2 working days to pick and pack your order


An email will be sent once your order has been dispatched
Email orders@brakinis.com if you do not receive one
All orders require a signature on delivery
Please ensure your delivery address is attended during business hours
We CANNOT send to PO BOXES, please ensure a street address is supplied


We use E-Packet and DHL express

Stay tuned for more posts next week on bikinis.

any questions comment below or send me an email at bikinisanonymous@gmail.com

I'm a Kokoh 'Kini Babe. Kokoh Bikini Review

So after 4 days of waiting my Kokoh Bikini finally arrived! 

It came in seriously cute packaging with the logo alllll over it! 

I was so excited to get it out of the packaging that I took this photo sitting at a set of traffic lights, thanks to the truck driver next to me so I could take the photo without the sun shining in my eyes. Don't worry, I wasn't driving, I was a passenger!
It gave me some seriously booty.

 KOKOH bikini is persuaded by that constant nagging of Mother Nature, she is always at us! “surf here” ”travel there” ”see this” so naturally, we do what she says. She is, after all Mother Nature!

KOKOH bikini is for women who listen to lifes calling, they embrace the “YOLO” within, let their hair down, and are ahead of the pack. They write their own story, and play by their own rules.KOKOH is all for the sisterhood, all for finding yourself, and getting lost in adventure along the way.
KOKOH bikini boasts high quality cheeky cuts, sold as separates (we’re all perfectly unique, right?) and as a bonus, they’re reversible!
KOKOH bikini is in LOVE with the OCEAN

Kendall Layt owner/designer of KOKOH bikini was born and raised on the South East Coast of Australia. Her weekends were spent salty and sun drenched on the quiet beaches the South Coast has on offer - by the age of 15, inevitably, Kendall was drawn towards surfing.
After finishing High School, Kendall spent her summers' on the South Coast teaching at a local surf school, and her winters' were spent chasing waves and warmth - living the ultimate endless summer - and life in a bikini!
Throughout her travels, Kendall has ventured far and wide - battling the crowds on the Gold Coast's Super Bank, Surfing remote beach breaks in Western Australia, living and learning the lingo with locals on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, as well as exploring secret breaks throughout Java and Sumbawa. Her travels don't stop there - the list goes on to include Europe, California, the Middle East, the Maldives and Morocco!
At the beginning of 2013, Kendall brought the long lived dream of KOKOH bikini to life! Inspired by her journeys and love of the ocean, along with a creative mind and eye, Kendall aspires to create functional bikinis for coastal cruising, sun lovers! 

I would kill to own one of these in every colour, but they're so expensive I'll be saving for such a long time they'll be sold out by the time I can save all the money for them.

Check out their facebook page here
and their instagram page here

I even got featured on their instagram, view my photo here :) I could have cried I was so excited!

Comment below if you have any questions or email me at bikinisanonymous@gmail.com

Brakinis Winnie Ruby Capricorn Review and Way Of Grey Fitness

My Brakinis finally arrived! I had a quick chance to test out my New bikini available here at this link. Again I ordered a size small. The top fits PERFECT and is really really comfy! The bottoms that I received were a really shiny material and I swapped them out for a pair of matte black Brakini bottoms I've had for a little while now. 

I really think that this suit is going to be surf safe on me, so it won't come off when I go swimming at the beach next month.

 You can see in this photo that if your neoprene bottoms are a tiny bit tight or you aren't Victoria Secrets Model toned then they will sit like this.

Me being the online shopping fiend, yesterday I purchased an online copy of Sohpie Grey's 'Way of Grey' ebook, which you can check out here.

Who We Are
WayofGray started as a simple Instagram page focused on self-development, but it has quickly grown into a community where like-minded health enthusiasts can reach common ground. We are committed to providing transparency through the gray areas of health and wellness. Whether you are looking for a killer workout, delicious recipe, or a pick me up, WayofGray has you covered.

I ordered the HIIT 1 for beginners and it looks super awesome. Difficult but worth it. The perfect introduction to Way of Grey's world of toned and beautiful bodies.
It even came with a vegan shopping list! I'm not vegan but I honestly want to be. The goodness that I see and hear other people talking about I just want it all for myself too.
The HIIT 1 for beginners set me back a little over $10 because of the currency exchange rates as well.

If you have any questions comment below or email me at skinnygirlblogging@gmail.com

Kokoh Bikini - My New Obsession

Seriously guys, I've been following Kokoh Bikini on Instagram for a long time now and dreaming of getting my own 'kini from their dreaming range. I finally did yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to click the pay button and spend my entire months savings in a second.
I commented on their Instagram saying I couldn't pick a colour, then just after confirming payment they replied telling me it was a great choice and will look fabulous on me. Again I nearly died. 

At $72 for a separate, these babies don't come cheap. I paid $155 including $8.95 postage. But they are unique in each individual pattern and handmade AND they're reversible while being able to mix and match. Talk about great value for money - ill let you know how they go compared to others when they arrive. 

I ordered the Mullimburra set in the blue in a small top and medium bottoms because I do have a little bit of a booty so I've been told recently! 

I seriously can't wait for theses babies to arrive. 45 minutes after purchase they were marked as shipped from PayPal and I already had a tracking number emailed to me. 
I'm disappointed that I didn't have an invoice emailed to me by Kokoh's but instead received a PayPal receipt. 

Keep posted guys and I'll let you know how long they take to arrive! 

10 day beach body challenge - how to get your body ready for summer

I'm going to do this one every day, and make sure you drink 1.5L - 2L of water every day to flush the toxins out of your body. 

And this one every morning. 

Here's a quick tip on correct squat stances. 
And definetly look up blogalites on google, seriously the greatest thing ever! There's a website, iPhone app and a YouTube channel all dedicated to sculpting your body the right way! 

Please comment below if there is anything else that you do to get fit for summer! 

Boutine LA Review For The Girl Who Squats

Again another swimwear company I found on Instagram! Boutine Los Angeles.
They have the most sexiest booty revealing bottoms I have ever seen, they are perfect for the beach and those who squat. It took 3 weeks to arrive to me in Australia and it came in a small package, tiny enough to fit inside my mail box - thank goodness (we all know how much I hate going to the post office every week)

Unwrapping it I thought to myself "Shit these are tiny, there is no way they are going to fit". When I put them on the first time they were honestly too tight, but I stretched them out a little bit and managed to squeeze into them. I ordered a small. I measured myself and converted the inches back to cm to get the sizing right but I still managed to screw it up. Brazilian bottoms ladies are a size small than you usually are - it's a rookie mistake. 

So i've ordered myself the grey ones in the next size up so I won't have to squeeze into them (hopefully). This brand is perfect for petite girls who work out. I can't wait to start squatting so I can look like the girls that @boutinela share on their instagram! 

Here's my tiny hiney, i've got about 4 other tabs open on how to do squats to improve your booty haha! wish me luck!

These are the ones i've got already modelled by the beautiful @alvaromoser on Instagram

These are the grey ones that i've ordered, I think, being modelled by the beautiful @Hannahmunck on Instagram 

Seriously guys, go check out their instagram here and prepare your mind to be blown. Then head to their online store and order yourself you push forward motivation for summer down under! 

Ask questions below and i'll reply ASAP or you can email me at sbikinisanonymous@gmail.com