Brakinis Winnie Ruby Capricorn Review and Way Of Grey Fitness

My Brakinis finally arrived! I had a quick chance to test out my New bikini available here at this link. Again I ordered a size small. The top fits PERFECT and is really really comfy! The bottoms that I received were a really shiny material and I swapped them out for a pair of matte black Brakini bottoms I've had for a little while now. 

I really think that this suit is going to be surf safe on me, so it won't come off when I go swimming at the beach next month.

 You can see in this photo that if your neoprene bottoms are a tiny bit tight or you aren't Victoria Secrets Model toned then they will sit like this.

Me being the online shopping fiend, yesterday I purchased an online copy of Sohpie Grey's 'Way of Grey' ebook, which you can check out here.

Who We Are
WayofGray started as a simple Instagram page focused on self-development, but it has quickly grown into a community where like-minded health enthusiasts can reach common ground. We are committed to providing transparency through the gray areas of health and wellness. Whether you are looking for a killer workout, delicious recipe, or a pick me up, WayofGray has you covered.

I ordered the HIIT 1 for beginners and it looks super awesome. Difficult but worth it. The perfect introduction to Way of Grey's world of toned and beautiful bodies.
It even came with a vegan shopping list! I'm not vegan but I honestly want to be. The goodness that I see and hear other people talking about I just want it all for myself too.
The HIIT 1 for beginners set me back a little over $10 because of the currency exchange rates as well.

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  1. Have they sent you all of your bikinis for free to sponsor them?


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