Kokoh Bikini - My New Obsession

Seriously guys, I've been following Kokoh Bikini on Instagram for a long time now and dreaming of getting my own 'kini from their dreaming range. I finally did yesterday. It took me 45 minutes to click the pay button and spend my entire months savings in a second.
I commented on their Instagram saying I couldn't pick a colour, then just after confirming payment they replied telling me it was a great choice and will look fabulous on me. Again I nearly died. 

At $72 for a separate, these babies don't come cheap. I paid $155 including $8.95 postage. But they are unique in each individual pattern and handmade AND they're reversible while being able to mix and match. Talk about great value for money - ill let you know how they go compared to others when they arrive. 

I ordered the Mullimburra set in the blue in a small top and medium bottoms because I do have a little bit of a booty so I've been told recently! 

I seriously can't wait for theses babies to arrive. 45 minutes after purchase they were marked as shipped from PayPal and I already had a tracking number emailed to me. 
I'm disappointed that I didn't have an invoice emailed to me by Kokoh's but instead received a PayPal receipt. 

Keep posted guys and I'll let you know how long they take to arrive! 

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