Brakinis Review Orange Triangle Mesh Top With Bronze Bottoms

 Another post for the lovely ladies who supply the most affordable neoprene bikinis!

Again I was sent this bikini by Bella and Rachel at Brakinis. I had a few issues with the original top being too big so Bella replaced the set for me completely and gave me the extra small top with small bottoms.

If you want to check it out you can get from their website here, I wear an extra small top because the straps are so big and aren't adjustable, but the small bottoms are a bit tight on me - too tight to wear comfortably without being self concious of having a muffin top. I was surprised at this because the other bottoms in the other colours - that aren't metallic have fit really well and only stretch a tiny bit when they come into contact with water.

To get yourself one of these babies its $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping. Shipping usually takes about 2 weeks to reach me in Australia.

I love that Brakinis features their promo models such as myself and normal looking women.

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