Aussie Tush Eau Paix Vie Review Milkshake Set

"Eau Paix Vie offers a fun approach to swimwear and life. Endeavouring to invoke the happiness, good feelings and fun that only come from a beautiful summers day, Eau Paix Vie offers refreshing designs in gorgeous quality fabrics from around the world."
Flamingo Mermaid II
Milkshake set in pink and white $110 which you can get from here
but you can get it cheaper here for $99

It comes in a cute little calico storage bag with Eau Paix Vie's pink logo on the front and a drawstring top.

I'm wearing a Medium in the seamless bottoms and a Small in the top. I feel like you could wash the bottoms in the washing machine in a lingerie bag on gentle but i'm definitely going to hand wash the top and lay them out flat to dry them so the frills don't get messed up and crinkled.

I absolutely love this set, it's really comfy and i'm so happy that I finally have a set! it was definitely worth the wait. I think i've been drooling over EPV's instagram for over a year i'm sure, I never realised that it was an Australian brand made on the north coast until I was checking the tracking number while waiting for my top to arrive.

The only thing i'm not too keen on is how it looks from behind. I really don't like how my bum looks. It digs in on the waist band and looking through photos on Instagram, it's the same with any girl who isn't stick thin. You'll see more photos of that soon, since i'm going to the coast for the 19th - 22nd of September. 

I wished that they would use more models that aren't perfect though, as much as the girls are beautiful I would really love to see them have more average and girls of all ages model their swimmers. 

Here's their size chart, the sizes are smaller on the bottoms ( as most cheeky cuts are) but I found the top size to be pretty normal. 


Let me know what you guys think!


  1. i want the purple and orange ones of these!

  2. Would you recommend sizing up for bottoms? Like is it very revealing? xx

    1. they're really really revealing from behind. I'm an 8 and had to size up to the 10 in these.

  3. hey im a size probably 6-8 but i dont want it to be too revealing from behind. Do you think a medium would be too big? ta x

    1. Hi there,
      if you don't want revealing then i don't recommend these at all. When you're on the beach or swimming they are incredibly revealing as they slide up your bum cheeks just a little more then you think. I'm a medium and i'm a size 8.
      The material on the hips has elastic running through it and it gives you a muffin top if you have any extra weight around your sides. Would i purchase these again looking back on this post and trying them on again - no.

      hope this helps!


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