Jar Body Scrub Review

I was sent a packet of California Crush from Jar Body Scrub a few weeks ago and i've only just had time to write about how awesome I found this product. It's $22.95 online including postage in Australia.

I've used heaps of different types of exfoliators and body scrubs over the last few years and this one I found stood out to me because it wasnt too harsh to hurt my skin, but it was still able to buff away the dead skin cells. It's a strong scrub perfect for those who like to feel the work in action. People with skin conditions, ingrown hairs and body acne have found this scrub helps with keeping their skin clear from 'imperfections'.

This scrub isn't recommended for the face.

put desired amount in a bowl or dish, wet skin, turn off the water, work scrub around the body in circular motions. Leave to sit for up to 5 minutes. Wash clean and enjoy. I used my scrub in the shower which is perfectly fine too. I left it to sit while I washed my hair.
It's made in Melbourne, Australia and they are completely against animal testing - which is perfect!

Using a body scrub is beneficial to your skin because it improves circulation and results in a more even skin tone, apparently it can even help with the the appearance of cellulite.
Ideal for ex foliating before a spray tan.

The smell was even that good coming through the packet that my kitten pulled it down from the shelf and tried to open it herself - hence the scratch marks.

Now for the important part, lets see how many of the ingredients I can pronounce;
Prunis amygdalus, sodium chloride, sucrose, citrus - sinensis, aurantifolia, paradisi 100% and soap safe colourant. Also contains nuts - so for the love of God if you have a nut allergy please don't get this scrub.

I honestly reckon I will always have a Jar Body Scrub on hand in my bathroom now. :)
How do you store your Jar product?
It should be sealed and stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Don't store it in the shower or humid place  ( even though that's where you will be using it). Take out the desired amount from the packet with dry hands and take that container into the shower with you.
How often should you use it?
It's best used 2-3 times a week. You can get 4-6 scrubs out of each packet. 
If you have a special event coming or are planning to tan afterwards and plan on using Jar to get your skin ready here is what the pros recommend;

Day 1 - Shave
Day 2 morning scrub and afternoon tan
Jar will remove your old fake tan and then prepare for your next tan application.
Do not scrub straight after shaving.
Do not scrub straight after tanning.


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