Von Zipper Harlow Berry Bikini Review

I travelled down to the coast for my birthday this year and stumbled across a whole surf shop full of bikinis, I spent 45 minutes trawling through the racks and found this old thing. Full price it was $90 and I only got it for $20.  Definitely the best birthday present to myself.

The Harlow Berry Bikini, It's not available online any more and hasn't been in a while. It was so hard to take photos of it, especially since there was quite a bit of wind. Anyways, Enjoy the photos I did manage to get :)

It offers a medium/complete coverage on the bum - which is nice for a change and the straps are hard to tie up at the back on my own without flashing everyone everything.
I ended up going with the Small size and it fits really well. It nearly even offers a push up effect for me too. 

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