RH Swimwear Review

As per my previous post on RH Swimwear which you can read here i've finally gotten around to posting a review on the bikini I have!

 I ordered the mint bouquet bandeau  in a small and the pastel pink tie bottoms in an extra small.
The top is priced at a very reasonable $45 and the bottoms are $35. That's cheaper than a Billabong bikini!

With this one i'm going to hand wash it and not even risk putting it in a lingerie bag in the machine.

the mint bouquet bandeau really felt light to me, not as supportive as I hoped, but comfortable none of the less. I don't think I would be comfortable taking the detachable straps off so it makes for a cute halter neck top. 

I spent a little time outside behind my apartment block this afternoon sunbaking and trying to get a tan. Monty took this as his chance to take a few photos. This bikini is perfect for sunbaking and light swimming but I wouldn't go surfing or swimming laps in this beautiful number. 

The tie bottoms are ridiculously comfortable  - seriously the greatest. Their colour means that i've probably got about 10 other tops that will match it perfectly too! There's 41 items on sale to mix and match on their website too. You better get shopping!! 

I'll have some better photos for you guys next week when I have time to take proper photos with real sand and water! the weather is warming up enough to go swimming soon! i'm just waiting on the pool to get repaired. But for now guys, please go check out RH Swimwear's website (link above) and trust me, you'll fall in love with it.
Ruth absolutely nailed this design, it's beautiful and I love it! I can't wait to check out the other styles. I think my next one will be a one piece. 

RH Swimwear

Created by talented designer Ruth Hurley over the last two years, Ruth has created a beautiful swimwear range that i'm completely in love with. RH Swimwear is a combination of unique prints, beautiful colours and a very good fit that suits the modern young woman. 
Mix and matching made to save your budget (to buy more RH Swimwear of course!) is really easy with the colour pattern Ruth has put together, most tops and bottoms are made to be paired together in a cute combo - there is even a colour palette to pick from on the bottom of each items description.  Also by mixing and matching tops and bottoms RH Swimwear has recognised that not every woman conforms to standard sizing, which is another reason why they have chosen to sell separates, and where possible adjustable so that us ladies can fit into them comfortably and snug :)
They understand that most figures do not conform to standard sizing, which is why all bikini sets are sold separately, and where possible fastenings are adjustable, so that customers can fit the swimwear snug to their body. While offering free shipping to Aussie ladies! 
Ruth moved to Sydney from England over 6 years ago to pursue a typical Australian lifestyle full of sunshine, work and the beach - seriously what more could you want? that's all I want out of life too. 
Noticing that Australia was missing local designer swimwear that is beautiful and affordable she decided to create her own brand. thus - RH Swimwear was born. 

These are the two pieces that RH Swimwear has been kind enough to send me, i'm waiting for them to arrive in the mail now :) I've ordered the Mint Bouquet Bandeau in a Medium (I'll post a size chart at the bottom of this post).
This bandeau is light but supportive, with underwire and soft molded cups. The material gathering at the bottom of the cup adds detail to the beautiful oversized pastel print. The tie back fastening means it fits perfectly on every build. 
Here are the basic pros for this style; 
  • Detachable tie halterneck straps
  • Underwire
  • Soft molded cups
  • Side boning
  • Wide material tie back fastening
  • Silky soft fabric - spandex/nylon
  • Fabric is SPF50+
Mix it with these options here 
  • Pink
  • Taupe
  • Pistachio

  • Ocean

These beautiful low rise bikini bottoms have adjustable side ties, which means you can fit them perfectly to your body. This versatile colour mixes with many of the prints and other solid colours within the collection
  • Low waist
  • Full pant
  • Adjustable side ties
  • Seamless construction
  • Silky soft fabric - spandex/nylon
  • Fabric is SPF50+
It's best matched with these colours;
  • Mint bouquet
  • Midnight floral
  • Blue Stripe
  • Abstract floral at dawn
  • Taupe
  • Pastel solids
I'll post photos when it arrives! 

here's a quick size chart

Sizes listed are standard Australian and UK sizing:

Let's Be Frank - Frank Body Scrub Review #thefrankeffect

If you've ever seen this logo before, you'll probably also notice it along side the words "Hey Babe,"

At the end of the post I won't be surprised if you become a Frankfurt like the rest of us.  I've become one of Frank's babes and i'll never go back. 

Frank is an amazing coffee based scrub. It is hands down the best one i've ever used. 
The original packet is 200g of sweet almond, orange and other good stuff.. 

Who is Frank? If we told you that we would have to kill you. 

Frank says: 
"i’ll target cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne with roasted and ground robusta coffee beans.
i’ll smooth your lumps and bumps withbrown sugar & sea salt, moisturise and tone your skin with cold pressedsweet almond oil, and use vitamins & minerals to work wonders from the outside in. then i’ll make us both smell good with a little orange essence"

The directions are simple, how do I use Frank?
Get naked and get in the shower. Turn on the shower and dampen your skin.
Get dirty with enough scrub to cover your whole bod
Get rough with circular motions, concentrating on problem areas - if you have them
Leave the scrub on for 5-10 minutes - i usually turn the water off for this and scrub it into my body. 
Repeat two to four times a week.

Frank sits with my other scrubs and packets that i love, but he is by far my main man (after Monty of course).

Great things about Frank that will make you fall in love,
He is vegan - he loves animals
Can you use before tanning? Yes, in fact i recommend it. 
What’s in Frank? Both original, coconut and cacao frank contain sea salt. Cocoa also contains jojoba and walnut shell. These ingredients have been known to help Frank’s babes target skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Frank helped me work on my stretch marks, skin dryness and also cellulite.
Can you use Frank on tattoos? Yes you can, some babes reckon Frank even makes them look better!

Frank is your strong scrub from down under Australia. 
How much does it cost?  the original Frank costs $14.95 with postage, the cocoa costs $16.95 and the coconut and grape seed costs $17.95. Most affordable designer scrub there is. 

Get your own Frank from his website here 

Don't forget - if you have instagram to tag him @frank_bod and #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank on instagram for your chance to be featured on his instagram here - or at least check out all of Frank's Beautiful babes that have been featured so far.

Brakinis Millie Santa Rosa Splash Review

So the other day as my followers on instagram saw, my Brakinis Bralette   finally arrived! I've been drooling over this style and colour for a while now and lucky for me Rachel and Bella at Brakinis sent one to me to feature tonight for you all to seen my thoughts on it :) 

Just like the Pink one, the Blue one also comes in a cardboard box - I've suggested to Bella that all the bikinis come in a box like this one to make storage easier. 
 Its $59.95 on the Brakinis website with $9.99 postage. It only took 2 weeks to arrive to me in Australia. I use the 17track.net website to track all my orders, a few days before the package arrived I was looking at the tracking information and the website told me it was unable to take my package but it was still in transit. I emailed Bella immediately and she followed it up for me that day reassuring me that it wouldn't be far away.

On the tracking information - it also stated that my package was opened twice at Chinese customs to make sure it wasn't anything suss leaving the country, so no doubt this would have delayed it from arriving to me sooner.
The key feature of the Brakinis bikinis is the thick neoprene material that they are made out of, even in the light colours they don't go transparent when they get wet.
Neoprene creases easily so don't slump around in it while sunbaking and store it dry and flat in its box.

Again, when neoprene gets wet it moulds to your body comfortably so I got the small set, the small top fits perfectly even giving my ladies a little bit of a boost, and the small bottoms dig into my hips just a tad - but once they are wet they'll mould to my body and fit perfectly like a wetsuit.
The weather has been really crappy the last few days so I owe you guys some better photos.

What do you guys think? I can't wait to wear it to the beach!

Sahara Triangle Bikini Billabong Review

Again on my birthday I found the Sahara Bikini stashed away in this little surf shop.  I instantly fell in love with the colours. Can't decide between elephants or giraffes? I say pick both with the Sahara Reversible Triangle Bikini. This classic triangle top flips between a clay red elephant print and a cream and black giraffe print with a tribal inspired bead in the center. Add the cross stitched edges and you are set for a beach safari in the sun. It's best paired with it's matching bottoms for extra fun.

I bought the size small. I think I paid $80 or something for the set. 

I didn't have a chance to reverse the top during my day at the beach.

 This top is twice as nice as it's versatile and reversible. Both sides feature a wildly hot tribal print. The cups can be slid to adjust coverage and comfort.
The lowrider bikini bottom offer medium coverage at back, with a regular rise at front and back. Designed to sit straight across your hips, with side straps measuring 1.75".

This one should be hand washed just like all bikinis and avoiding rough surfaces will help keep it in shape for a few years.

Anyways, Enjoy