Brakinis Millie Santa Rosa Splash Review

So the other day as my followers on instagram saw, my Brakinis Bralette   finally arrived! I've been drooling over this style and colour for a while now and lucky for me Rachel and Bella at Brakinis sent one to me to feature tonight for you all to seen my thoughts on it :) 

Just like the Pink one, the Blue one also comes in a cardboard box - I've suggested to Bella that all the bikinis come in a box like this one to make storage easier. 
 Its $59.95 on the Brakinis website with $9.99 postage. It only took 2 weeks to arrive to me in Australia. I use the website to track all my orders, a few days before the package arrived I was looking at the tracking information and the website told me it was unable to take my package but it was still in transit. I emailed Bella immediately and she followed it up for me that day reassuring me that it wouldn't be far away.

On the tracking information - it also stated that my package was opened twice at Chinese customs to make sure it wasn't anything suss leaving the country, so no doubt this would have delayed it from arriving to me sooner.
The key feature of the Brakinis bikinis is the thick neoprene material that they are made out of, even in the light colours they don't go transparent when they get wet.
Neoprene creases easily so don't slump around in it while sunbaking and store it dry and flat in its box.

Again, when neoprene gets wet it moulds to your body comfortably so I got the small set, the small top fits perfectly even giving my ladies a little bit of a boost, and the small bottoms dig into my hips just a tad - but once they are wet they'll mould to my body and fit perfectly like a wetsuit.
The weather has been really crappy the last few days so I owe you guys some better photos.

What do you guys think? I can't wait to wear it to the beach!


  1. The colour on the Brakinis website looks much paler! Did you saturate your pics? I want to order it but only if it is as bright as yours 😍

    1. It's exactly the same :) I didnt saturate it at all


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