Dartook Bikinis Review Miami Set

If you follow me on Instagram chances are you know i'm always online and finding things that I simply adore. 
The main one being bikinis and anything swimwear related. I follow so many beautiful brands and people that it just blows my mind away each time I log back on and scroll through my feed. 
The latest brand that I need to have a rave about is Dartook Bikinis 

Dartook Bikinis sells as separates so women of different body types can ensure they have a perfect fit each time they order. 
But this is done with a twist of fashion. Dartook bikinis are designed to get proper support to your ladies using the highest quality material. The backs are adjustable so no one will have an issue with a top not fitting their bust and they all have matching bottoms ranging from a full coverage to a more cheeky design for those more daring.

The beautiful bandeau tops come with supportive underwire and a little bit of padding whereas the triangle top features a cross over back for adjustable support. I'm now the proud owner of two Dartook Bikinis and will be working on doing a giveaway with my instagram users very very soon so please keep checking my instagram @madalyn.mitchell for more information and photos. 

I wear a medium in both bottoms, an extra small in the Miami Molded Bandaeu top and a medium in the Riva Triangle top.  I'll be posting the review on the triangle set most likely on Thursday so stay tuned for that! But for now it's just the Miami set. 
The Miami top is $39.95 and the bottoms to match are $29.95 - which makes this a very affordable necessity for summer in Australia. But use my code mad15 for a discount!
Here are some of the photos from the websites of their stunning model wearing the two bikinis that i've just received and i've already got my eye on more!  

I love bikinis almost as much as I love hearing proper care instructions for girls to follow to keep their cozzies bright and intact for years to come. 

Care for your Dartook bikini
– It all starts at the beach! Avoid sitting on rocks or rough surfaces without a towel. I think we’ve all had a bikini that got ruined by careless booty placement!

-.Rinse every time you wear it, even if you do not get wet. Rinse your swimsuit in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.– Hand wash and hang to dry only. Do not use a dryer, or an iron on a swimsuit as it will destroy it.

– Do not hang to dry in the sun, rather hang them in the shower/shade.

– Avoid oil base suntan lotion. Oils are harmful to swimwear and elastic and will stain some fabrics.

-No swimsuit will hold up when used constantly in hot tubs, a Jacuzzi, or heavily chlorinated pools

 Please also pay attention to the sizing chart to avoid needing to contact customer service too, but if you do need any help with sizing you can contact them on  Info@dartook.com.au.

This one is already on my wish list too! 

Dartook Bikinis and I are already working on a giveaway for you guys on Instagram for in the very near future! so if you aren't following the both of us you should for our updates! You can find me at @madalyn.mitchell and Dartook Bikinis at @Dartookbikinisofficial. 

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