Dartook Bikinis Review Roma Set

I'm just kicking back reading my Goddess Guide, listening to the rain and thinking about all the wonderful things I NEED to tell you about Dartook Bikinis and how much I adore them. Words cannot comprehend how much I love looking at this set.

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This is my second set of Dartook Bikinis and I absolutely adore the cross over back and the cheeky bottoms. The colour looks awesome on pale skin as well as dark tanned skin. It's really just perfect.

I owe you guys some more photos of this bikini as soon as the weather clears up (which at this point in time looks like next Monday) - In Canberra it has been a severe weather warning for the last 24 hours :( at least the lightning during the storms was pretty right?

I've been itching to write this review now for the last week but I've been super busy with formal season and some of you might know I manage a suit shop when i'm not online, so I was absolutely slammed with guys needing suits for their formals.

The Roma Set is perfect for girls who love the beach. The thin straps on the top leave minimum chance of tan lines and it's super functional. but have you ever been at the beach or anywhere that involves sand while wearing a pair of swimmers and realise that the sand gets inside the tiny holes in the material? that's another reason why the Roma is so perfect - the pattern makes it hard to see the sand once it gets inside the material.
If you care for your bikini as well as I do, you know that it's possible to get those tiny grains of sand out - it's just really annoying.

I wear a medium in both top and bottom of the Roma Set, it sits comfortably on my hips and my bust. The cheeky cut bottoms side have three stylish straps tying the whole look together for under $70, that's cheaper than ALOT of brands. It's affordable quality and there is always sales on from what i've seen so it's even cooler!  Even if you are 100% sure about what size you are I fully recommend checking the size chart below to confirm your size. I thought I was another size and it turned out that I was wrong! Lucky for me Ash at Dartook is a pro and made sure I ended up with the right sizes that were perfect. 

Quality is a pretty big thing for me when it comes to swimwear, right now i'm really digging the Polyester styles more than anything else. The material just sits really well on your skin and mixed with a spandex it lasts so much longer too. 

What do you guys think so far? Dartook is amazing right? I'm so keen to pair this set with a pair of Mink Pink White shorts in Summer for a carefree relaxed Beach feel. 

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