Why Are Bikinis So Expensive? From an Addicts Point of View

Billabong 2014 
For me is a Sunday ritual, I got through all my newsletter emails of all the new bikinis released during the week just passed and I go online shopping. Most of the time it's on Instagram and I usually don't buy anything (okay that's a lie) but i'm in heaven. There is nothing more exciting to me than feeling the brightly coloured material in my hands before trying it on. Admiring the colour on my very not tanned skin. When I check the price tags - online and in store I die a little on the inside and want to pry my credit card out of the block of ice I have it hidden in just like Becky did. 
Confessions of a Shopaholic
A ladies bikini, as tiny as it is, can range from a good brand like Billabong at about $80 for a really nice set to an Acacia Swimwear where you are looking at spending over $100 on separates and still have to pay shipping. How can small scraps of fabric cost so much? 
Acacia Swimwear 2015
For that skimpy cut piece its a complicated piece of clothing which are tied up with being manufactured globally, sold only at certain times of the year and need to be designed for all sorts of outdoor activities on all sorts of bodies. It's even harder to design a bikini than what it is a dress. Designers must push the latest trends while also keeping in mind how the items must fit. 
Ideally, the perfect bikini wont ride up and won't come off when you get hit by a wave all while making you look good while you wear it.It is hard to complete all these tasks while working on such a small canvas.
Another reason as to why you are paying such a pretty penny on that latest addition to your wardrobe, the stretchable fabrics. Revolutionising swimwear since the 1960's are more expensive than normal other materials which means you need a special sewing machine in order to sew it.
Swimsuit material is also expensive because much is needed to make just the one bikini. These fabrics and other swimsuit components have to withstand being in water, chlorine, sand, salt, sun and all summer activities. 
Kendall from Kokoh Bikinis

Although seasonality increase the price of your new bikini by just a little bit, it’s not as hard as it used to be to find a bikini during the cooler months. Buying a swimsuit used to mean a trip to the surf shop on the corner sometime between the last snowfall and the first blast of air conditioning, but the increase in the internet means that  online shopping has made swimwear a year-round adventure. This is honestly how I spend my days off, trolling online for cute bikinis. Online retailers can sell bikinis to us Australians that are planning beach vacations while the northern hemisphere are uploading selfies in the snow. Online stores can also offer more sizes and patterns, but this unfortunately for shoppers means longer shopping seasons and a greater range of sizes doesn't always mean cheaper prices. 
Just like you don't need to plan an overseas trip for a holiday, you don't need to max out your credit card for a bikini that fits well. Years ago, girls were making their own bathers using a store bought pattern, you can do this for yourself now and spend hours keeping yourself entertained, or you could buy one from one of the elite Hawaiian or Australian swimwear designers that flood the online market now all over instagram. Nowadays the swimwear industry is a $3.5 billion a year and expanding rapidly, the more competition between brands should theoretically mean cheaper price tags and more excuses for us girls to go shopping.


  1. What's the most you have ever spent on a bikini

    1. $180 when i was 16 on the seafolly english rose bikini that i still have :)

  2. still a rip off

  3. Bikinis are expensive also because of its clothing.


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