Billabong Zingara Bikini Video

Excuse my awkwardness, facial expression and Mushroom interrupting the filming :P
What else would you guys like me to film? any particular bikinis?

O'neill Women's Swimwear Love Me Too Scarlett Bikini as seen on Essena O'neill

Hey guys!

Welcome back to Bikinis Anonymous for another review. Today I trialled out the Love Me Too bikini as seen on Essena O'neill on Instagram.

I personally think she rocks this bikini much better than I do, but it's super comfy and reasonably priced at $49.95. I picked mine up from my local Surf Dive Ski Store in Canberra in the Scarlett colour, and decided to get it when the girls there said how good it looked on me, i'm a sucker for bikinis anyway. I wear the size 8 comfortably and this one is the only O'neill bikini that I have as I have found the tops to be ill fitting before in the past.  The top is a fixed moulded polymide mix of material covered with crochet Lycra.  It's really comfortabe to wear too, the straps are adjustable around the bust and also on the shoulders to play around with the size a little bit.  O'neill has this thing with moulded tops this season that don't fit me at all, there has been so many designs that I really liked and tried on only for them not to fit me.
 There's a few other colours to chose from too, it is available in Scarlett, Lavender, Black, Clover. I think the Scarlett has been the most popular colour as Essena was one to wear it online with her beautiful tan.
 I'm a tad worried about how well the bright colour will last and also how well the crochet design will stay intact after a few wears but i'll let you know how it goes. The bottoms are full coverage and don't dig in, the photo below just looks funny because of the way i'm walking. I feel like this one would survive a trip to the beach without moving too much.
I'm just going to wash it in the washing machine in a delicates bag.

 With this bikini, the girls at Surf Dive Ski also chucked in an Express Mine Tan  which just became my favourite tan of all time. It's incredible. I don't think i'll ever use another brand again this one went on so well.

What do you guys think? leave me a comment below :)