Check Mate Bikini Retro Vibes With O'Neill Women's Australia

After posting the review on the Love Me Too bikini from O'neill Women's Australia i've been given a great opportunity to review two more bikinis for you guys so you know what to look for in a great bikini! 

I chose to do my second O'Neill Women's Australia review on the Check Mate Bikini Lavender Check which is $69.95. My local SDS store only had the candy ane red and white striped option of this style, so it's probably best if you go directly to the O'Neill website if you ever need anything from them. AND they offer free shipping for transactions over $30. 

I was really happy with the sizing of the top with this bikini, to start with I was honestly worried that my breasts would be too small to fit into the Bra styled top - but it was a near perfect fit (phew). The sizing of O'Neill bikinis has really come a long way since I was 16 and trying them on in my local SDS shop, I'm now confidently saying no girl in any country should not have at least one bikini of this brand.

It's only got a small amount of padding but you can take it out if you don't like it/don't need it. The strap on the top is detachable so you can remove it so you don't have tanlines when you are working on your tan. I really love being able to take off the strap when i'm wearing it down at the river but I think I will definitely keep it on when I wear it at the beach.  

The sun just wasn't playing well with me when I took these photos but I was just too excited to hurry up and show you guys how much I love this bikini that I don't even mind. You can see the underwire in the photo above, it adds excellent support for a full C cup breast, the only thing you have to make sure is that the underwire doesn't dig into your breast tissue on the side. If it does then there is a chance it can bruise the tissue and be uncomfortable. 

I love the fact the low rise hipster bottoms are a full coverage option for girls who don't want to show a lot of skin. I mixed my cute retro bikini with some metallic temporary tattoos that I found on eBay a few months ago. The tie up back adds even more ways to adjust this bikini - win!  

I feel like you could mix and match with other retro/vintage styled bikinis to create other cute looks. Seriously also considering getting the Love Me Too in the lavender colour too so I an mix the pattern and textures. I'm excited to wear the top with my high waist grey maxi skirt. Oh and a tip for storage of this baby, I keep it in my bikini basket on the top so the molding of the cups stay in shape (really it's just for easier access). But if you do have lots of padded bikini tops like this one then you can store them like this to keep them in shape...

Made from a matte lycra material the Check Mate bikini is really soft on the skin, as always I recommend hand washing and not leaving the bikini out in the sun for the colours to fade and it can last for years. 

I'm a size 8 in O'Neill swimwear, check the size chart below for the cm measurements.

Women’s Body Measurements (CM)

I've ordered a mandala beach throw from India and the colours will match perfectly! Can't wait for it to arrive so Monty and I can go picnic by the river in my Check Mate 'kini and share more photos with you guys!
What do you guys think?


  1. i actually love the photos you've posted with it
    it's good to see something different

  2. i love it chickie, keep it up, cant wait to see what the final bikini review looks like, when do you think you will get it posted?

  3. so this one is worth it then?


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