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At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. - Jean Houston
Welcome back to Bikinis Anonymous guys! Sorry it took so long to get this post up, the north coasts cyclone weather hit Canberra and rained non stop! 

Tonight's post reminds me of the leaves turning red for Autumn, which is in two days time in Australia. Luckily we still have a few more weeks of nice weather to get in more photos for you guys :) 
In rich shades of floral and paisley red  with a black trim, the Kaleidoscope Bikini in Sahara Red from O'Neill Women's Australia, it is perfect for those in love with a bohemian travellers (this style is all over Instagram at the moment and i'm loving it!) who crave a little bit of luxury.

I wear a size 8 (as always, see below for the lovely size chart) in this style and the triangle top is a perfect fit with some light removable padding and tie up thin straps. It's going to look so cute paired with a pair of denim shorts and kimono over the top. One of these sets will set you back around $69.95
Women's Size Conversions
 6 8   1012  14 16
Women’s Body Measurements (CM)

The low rise hipster bottoms are in the style of Copacabana pant (mention this to your local surf shop and they should know all about it). I really love the fact these have a full coverage bum, there's a lot of skimpy cut bikinis out there that it's really great to see more fuller coverage 'kinis for the younger girls as well as those who prefer to cover up.
It's made out of my favourite material Polyamide (80%) and elastine (20%), this is that super soft material that can get ruined if you sit/rub against rough materials. As I say with all my bikinis - handwash only! but if you must use a washing machine put your bikini in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle. 

You can see how I care for my bikinis here. And if you want me to write about anything else please comment below! i love to read everyone's comments :) 

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