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Sets of Seven

Newly founded Sets of Seven is an affordable luxury swimwear brand that brings to mind the ocean, sand and the beach with its stunning designs. The owner and creator Tara McNeela has put together a beautiful collection that i've fallen in love with. It's an edgy vibe but with all things classy added to the mix.  Tara says that her "new swimwear label Sets of Seven is inspired by the seven oceans and continents of the earth" - seriously how much cooler can it get? actually go check out their instagram account.

I was lucky enough to land myself one of these beachy designs before they sold out, tonight i'm reviewing The Cove Salt bikini. One of these will set you back $120 at the moment as it's on sale, it's usually $145. 

This one is my favourite design out of the entire collection due to the colours, it reminds me of a sandy beach (perfect!). Tara really has outdone herself created a limited edition collection. She only created a minimum amount of each design to make it more special so each piece can be unique, so you can have something that truly becomes yours. 

Made of an 80% polyester base with a 20% Xtra Life Lycra and 15% spandex. This is the first bikini i've had that's been made with the added Xtra Life Lycra and upon further research i'm even more impressed finding out that this material has a better stretch recovery and higher wear and tear than normal lycra, it weighs a little more so it's less transparent when wet or stretched and it's even more resistant to fading. So when they say each unique is printed on quality lycra, they're not kidding! i love how soft the lining in

I wear a small size  ( size chart copied from their website for easy access)  i'm not a fan of padding lately so I removed mine with the easy access holes in the bottom corners and bunch it up a little more in the middle to give a more cheeky style. But if you want it looks great with the padding inserted (especially if it's cold). 

Size Guide
Universal Size Guide


























Measurement Guide





















Shipped from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours after  being placed Monday to Thursday, between 9.00am - 5.00 pm via Australia Post. Purchases made on Friday’s, weekends and public holidays will be processed on the following business day. Postage in Australia is free and comes with a tracking number too so you can get excited when you see it coming! it took less than a week for my bikini to travel to Canberra. All packages for security reasons need a signature on delivery. 
If you need a bikini fix stat at a small fee of $15 you can have your bikini expressed and have it within 1-2 working days and you get a confirmation email after every order too.  
For my international ladies, shipping is $25AUD and takes around 5-10 days. 
Delivery is via Australia Post Pack and Track International to most countries and generally takes 5 – 10 business days. Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $25.00 AUD. If you do make a huge order, Sets of Seven can split it up and send them in different packages with separate tracking orders.
 so enjoy my posing in the back garden photos! 

What do you guys think? i love it! 

Made of Dawn Speckled Petal Review

Made By Dawn is one of the most gorgeous bikini brands i've had the privilege of writing about. Created in Santa Barbara by husband and wife team and put together for us to enjoy in Los Angeles. 

I had this beautiful 'Petal' Bikini gifted to me by their team a few weeks ago to share with you guys. There are a few places you can go to have a look at their collection, different retailers have different pieces of stock at the moment so check out of course Made By Dawnthe Girl and the Water and Desordre Store Sydney  if you are based in Australia

Before i get too far into the review I want to quickly say this, you have probably seen this photo doing laps around the internet lately but I assure you that Made By Dawn are the original owners and you should only purchase designs with the white pebble back round from their website otherwise you risk purchasing a lower quality fake. 

I  wear a medium. But here's more info on sizes;

Extra small AA/A, 
Small --- A/B
Medium -- B/C

Large --- C/D

Small --- 2-4 (4-6 Australia)
Medium -- 4-6 (6-8 Australian) 
Large --- 6-8 (10-12 Australian)

Extra Small -- 0-2 (4-6 Australian)
Small 2-4 (6-8 Australian)
Medium  4-6 (8-10 Australian) 
Large 6-8 (10-12 Australian)
These are the 2014 sizes and do run small, please please size up when you buy one of these. 

The Petal 2 Speckled bikini which I have can be found here, it wasn't easy to find this link either. It's made of 80% Nylon and 20% spandex for added comfort. The top alone will set you back $108 on their website and the bottoms are $96

Shipping with Made by Dawn is so easy, Your will be processed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 1-3 business days. See below for rates, and approximate delivery times. Express International Service is available too

Priority Mail Domestic $5.05 | 1-3 business days 
Priority Mail Canada & Mexico $19.95 | 6-10 business days
Priority Mail International $23.95 | 6-10 business days 
 Express International Upgrade $17.95 | 3-5 business days
Please go have a look at their website and don't forget to check out the sale section too!! 

Blue Glue Bikinis Review

Here's what the website says about shipping, I've copied and pasted it to make sure I have the right information for you.International shipping is made through DHL door-to-door service with approximate delivery time: 3-6 days, except to Russia where we use EMS(Express Mail Service) with approximate delivery time: 7 to 14 days.Offer valid for all orders; except ACCESSORIES & SALE items.

"Blue Glue is a bikini rendezvous for beach & fashion lovers… it is the dream bikini of all women, seducing Bluettes with its expertise & care, and releasing refreshing new lines every month in a unique Beach chic shop, blossoming on all shores of the blue planet. BLUE GLUE is "the dream bikini of all women" ... it is a bikini rendezvous shop filled with all wonders of beach fashions & lifestyle."

Blue Glue bikinis don't last long on the market, they are only available for around 8-12 months in store then taken out of store and sold wholesale world wide. The brand was originally founded in Paris (oh la la) by Marie Laure Becquelin, and created in Bali since 2002, Blue Glue has been around since 1989.

I won this beautiful bikini on instagram a little while ago and i've only now just had time to share it with you all. It's designed by Mimi Lashery for Blue Glue's Savannah range. I'm wearing the Zimbabwe bottoms which are $59.95US but are currently sold out. What you can do is put your email address in to be notified when they come back into stock. This VERY cheeky low rise, animal print brazilian bottom acts just like a second skin made from 88% microfibre and 12% lycra. I love the feeling of mirco fibre, its so soft! the shape of this style allows for maximum tanning. 
 I wear a medium and i'm usually a size 8-10 Aus sizing. Featured on the back is a glittery panther covered in crystals and held on with a gold chain. the elastic is sewn into it making it a seamless design that everyone loves right now. 

Kikuyu Bra is the perfect way to show off your waist with its gorgeous corset design. The molded sewn in cups and laced up back give only adequate amount of support for your ladies, i wouldn't recommend this one if you had a bigger bra size than a d. With an option to remove the strap for less tan lines. This beautiful bustier will set you back $79.95US. Made just like the bottoms out of 88% microfiber, 12% lycra. 

Orders under US$ 150.00 will be charged a flat rate of US$ 30.00 (worldwide).

Use code: SHIP150
Offer valid for all orders totaling US$ 150.00 and more; except ACCESSORIES & SALE items.
 This is one of the most important parts of this section!!! 
Use code: FREE15
To get shipping cost at US$15.00 instead of $30.00 (except for remote areas, see below)

Use code: SHIPINDO
No minimum amount. Offer valid for all items.

Delivery to remote area is charged additional US$ 22.00.
Please check the full list of Remote Areas here.I

If you have any questions comment them below :) 

Get Your Dream Body For Summer

For years I've battled with my self esteem and how I think I look. I can point out 7 different things about my body that I don't like - but that's not healthy. Instead I point out 7 things I love, that's my first step towards feeling and looking great. In this article I'm going to start sharing any inspiration, links to great healthy recipes, inspiring people, products and quotes (I'm on my phone typing this so bare with me) that I'm using now to get fitter and happier than I have ever been with you guys so you can join me. You don't need to spend a lot of money get fit, hell you don't even need a gym membership (which reminds me I need to cancel mine). I get all pumped up and get a gym membership but due to a social anxiety I get of being around too many people or having people look at me I don't go and it's a waste.  So I have to think of ways to overcome this feeling and other places to exercise. 

This link I found really helped the way I think about myself. 

Your body is your temple. 
This can be taken in quite a few different ways, I'm sure originally it comes from a religious quote but I believe that your body is your temple that houses your mind and soul. 
I believe that everyone's mind and souls are physical entities that test inside of us. So by looking after our bodies and keeping them healthy we are giving our mind and soul a safe place to rest and guide us in the future. 
Emotional stress takes a very strong toll on our bodies, try to eliminate all stress from your life - I know this isn't possible for some people so you can take steps to  reduce the impact of stress. This link here can help with a few tips that I found helpful.

When you begin to treat your body with the love it deserves really great things will begin to happen. I've noticed that  I have become more aware of what I eat and drink, I even notice how differently I breathe. 
Can you identify when your body is thirsty? We all know what feeling very thirsty feels like but what about just a little bit of thirst? 
No doubt, like me, you also missed the early signs and your body sends a stronger message that you notice this time but still don't follow up. If you still don't get the message your body then makes you feel very incomfortable - some people get migraines, headaches, feel ill and or tired till we rehydrate ourselves. 

Treating the body like a temple means being aware enough to know what it needs and what it doesn’t. Think of how your demeanor shifts if you enter a library for example, your speak quieter and you have a stronger sense of awareness.  If we all can develop this same attitude when it comes to our bodies, we are taking the first steps towards  health and overcoming addictions of all kinds.  With awareness, it is nearly impossible for addiction to survive. Once you feel insync with your body your mind will follow. 
Here's my homework for my readers, for the next day i want you to carry around a note book and write down everything you consume (or you can use a food tracking app on your smartphone if you have one). At the end of the day, I want you to look at that list and ask yourself was it nourishing for your temple? Was there any unnecessary add ons (smoking, drinking) your body didn't need or something that caused a weakness?  
The next day I want you to remove one of these things your body didn't need or that found was unhelpful to your health. Then continue this on till you have removed all the things that have negative influence on your body. Become aware of them and eliminate them. After doing this you will have developed a sense of awareness of your body's needs. 
Here's some healthy guidelines that I try to follow. 
Consume organic fruits 
Consume whole grains 
Drink 1.5-2.5L of water a day (more when it's hot)
If you eat meat then source free range/organic/humanely raised wherever possible. You could even have a research on whether or not meat should be eaten and ways to replace it properly so you don't miss out on any vitamins.
Always get your 7-8 hours of sleep a night - trust me, this is the best form of healing anything. 
Don't smoke or consume alcohol - these are no good for our bodies, causing cancers, bad breath and the worst hangovers - need I say more? .
Stay on top of regular doctors check ups, you want to make sure you are doing the best you can for your body, right? 

Schedule regular ‘me time’ to de-stress and regroup. It could be as simple as retreating to the tub for a long soak or as indulgent as a weekend away at a spa. It's up to you.
Dress your best by only wearing clothes that make you feel wonderful. Before you leave home each day, check with yourself and ask if you like how you look. If it’s a no, change your clothes.

Exercise every day breaking a sweat. Even if it's just for 15 minutes, your body will be thankful. 

Now for some cute pics of the exercises that I do at home when I get a chance. 
I have all these pictures saved off tumblr/weheartit that I go back to in reference. The only workout gear that I have is a yoga mat and two 2kg Dumbbells. Mix these workouts with 30-40 min of cardio 4-5 days a week and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals. 

If you want to find the original source of these images you can click and drag them to google images search box and it will link you back to the original post. I can't do this on my phone. I also do some yoga - check out YouTube for yoga for beginners videos, they are amazing and I'm learning to meditate while I stretch after working out. 

I ordered a new product yesterday, it's going to open my possibilities up completely. It's not new to Australia, in fact it's been around for a while and I finally took the plunge and signed up for it. It offers financial security and the chance to live a healthy lifestyle, hopefully it will be here the beginning of next week and I can record all the effects that I feel on my blog for you guys to check out too. 
I'll include before and after photos while recording what workouts I actually do - you can all add me on myfitness pal (madalyn911) and you can see live updates of what I'm doing during the day. 
But while we wait, check this out here oh and this link here too. 

For some great recipes on a budget that will give you energy I usually get mine from here and here

If there is anything else you want me to write about please comment below 
If you follow all these suggestions i've written then there really shouldn't be a reason why your summer body can't stay for good!