Bikinis for the Philippines

So to remember all the things I need to pack for my trip i'm going to blog my process on the way. Since this blog is all about bikinis this post is purely dedicated to which bikinis I want to take on the trip with me. Since bikinis barely take up much room at all I can fit so much more into my 23kg of luggage that Qantus will let me check in. 

Now i'm only going for a month so unfortunately I can't take my entire collection with me so I have to narrow it down to my favourites! The area that i'll be travelling to isn't so used to young attractive tourists coming through wearing Australian and Hawaiin brands, so the safer time to not give them all heart attacks is on the boat or Tangkaan beach down the road. 

Here's a visual diary i've created to help with the process. All these photos I've randomly put together so I'll take some nicer ones when I start officially packing.

Being a brand ambassador to Lychee Swimwear has it's perks, I get to take the grey bikini with me no matter what because it's the perfect resort style bikini and the orange one screams living on a tropical island.

The Summer Breeze Bikini by To Die For is perfect if i'm relaxing on the boat in the sun, the lace adds a little class.

Since living in the tropics isn't tropical enough to scare winter away, Euae Swim will saturate me with summer feelings whenever i'm wearing it.

Just in case I get bored of wearing my normal bikinis i'm taking two Khongboon Swimwear bikinis. It's like having two in once since they are both reversible, reversible is the best idea ever when you are on holidays.

I can't even tell you why I like this Ripcurl bikini, but i'm a big fan so i'm taking it with me too. It's also reversible. These bottoms are also reversible.

No holiday packing is complete without a Sets of 7 bikini in a neutral colour to contrast against the blue ocean. I've put lots of thought into this one haha. 

I'm going to wear the living daylights out of this Made by Dawn bikini because the top looks like a normal really cropped top when you wear it with high waisted clothing.

Brakinis are also i must have for any trip involving the ocean. I'm taking this one and a few others too! 

Lychee Marissa One Piece  I'll always take a least one with me only because it can be worn with a pair of shorts if i needed to go out.

Midoris Bikinis are way out of my price range now since they increased the prices but I was lucky to get this one while stocks lasted! 

Kokoh Bikini, you'll see that I have like 6 of these bikinis. Totally all coming with me

Quiksilver - or otherwise known as my old faithful. Whenever I go away this bikini comes with me no matter what. 

Billabong high neck bikinis are really great for snorkelling or going to a water park, no nip slips. There is a reason i have two pairs of the same bottoms i promise! no, when it came out i didn't realise that it would be two different patters of material, one smocking design and the other plain. I haven't gotten around to getting the triangle top to match the smocking bottoms yet. Okay scratch that, i just totally bought it for $18 online, thank you SurfStitch! AND I do have the matching rash vest for this one on layby to pick up in a few weeks. 

Brakinis are also i must have for any trip involving the ocean. I'm taking this one and a few others too! I really like the dark bottoms of this one. 

And there's a few on my wish list too hint Monty hint

Kokoh Bikini


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