Eau Paix Vie Rainbow Pack

Lazy Lagoon EPV Rainbow Pack contains 1 cheeky cut milkshake set (matching top and bottoms) and 1 milkshake top to mix and match with your favourite other bikini separates. 
The colours are selected randomly but you can add a preference. I emailed customer service when I was making my order and spoke to one of the owners, Carly and she put in a note to dispatch so I could get the matching Seychelles and Lavender set. 
The colours you can pick from are; 

Pink and Yellow
Seychelles and Lavender
Pink and Blue (this is the original milkshake set)
Yellow and Blue
and Pink and White

The Rainbow Pack will set you back $110 plus $9 something for shipping, so rounded up to $120. As with most cheeky bikinis, you should consult the size chart before making your order to confirm your size. I find that with the EPV bottoms I have to go up a size and get the medium/size 10 and wear a small/8 in the tops (and I could probably go smaller). 

There's no refunds or colour exchanges on the Rainbow Pack so that's a risk you take to get your moneys worth for two tops and a bottom. They come packed in a calico bag with their logo printed on the front, it's slightly larger than my first one that I received too so it fits a whole set in it. 
I'm a sucker for having matching sets, so I've now ordered the bottoms to match the blue and yellow top from Aussie Tush bikini bottoms. They offer free domestic shipping in Australia so they work out cheaper than getting them from EPV directly. 

For the tops alone you are looking at spending $55 each plus postage and for each pair of bottoms you will be looking at another $55 - So $229 in total for the 4 items. Ordering the Rainbow Pack and a separate pair of bottoms from Aussie Tush has only cost me $173.90 including postage. It only just works out a little bit cheaper. I figured it didn't cost as much but I've only now just done the calculations and I'm pretty relieved! 

I've already found ways to mix and match the bottoms with other pieces of my collection.
What do you guys think? Worth taking with me overseas? I already know some great places to take photos in these! 


  1. what size top do you wear again?

    1. small but i wish i could try the xs on

  2. where's the other bikini top from?

    1. Billabong :) it's on sale now on the SDS website! I got mine from Surf Stitch but they have sold out online

  3. You've lost a lot of weight since you wore the pink and white ones to review them last year.

    1. I have, it's amazing how much of a difference lifestyle can make on your body. I naturally gain weight in winter, and i think i got the other set at the end of winter when i was just starting to go outside again. I feel amazing now though


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