International Yoga Day 2015

On the 21 of June let us all roll out our yoga mats and get together, let us celebrate one of the greatest ancient traditions of the world. Yoga creates the unity of your mind and body, thought and action, and to be at one with your body and the world around you. A wonderful approach to your health and well being. It's not about the exercise - although you can do it for that reason and feel fantastic - you discover a deeper sense of oneself within yourself and the world around you. By changing our lifestyles to lead a more conscious lifestyle we can deal with everything that Mother Nature throws at us.So join me and welcome with open arms an amazing way of life. 


Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. - Buddha 

Much of the medical community around the world hold yoga in a high regard as significant to the human health, both mentally and physically. There has been many studies with both conclusive and inconclusive results. Long term yoga users has reported their mental health improvements as well as reduced symptoms of asthma in asthmatics. Studies and most people will tell you that regular use of yoga will improve your overall mood and anxiety levels, i would even go as far to say it makes me feel better than walking does. Yoga and meditation help me clear my mind and refocus on what needs my attention.

Within 8 weeks of practicing Hatha Yoga you should expect to see an increase in your strength. Which is really no surprise, the positions such as a four-limbed staff pose and the boat pose stimulate the same muscles as regular sit ups, crunches and planks. 
Not only will you feel and look better but regular practise of yoga will improve your sleep. Also ladies, you'll be happy to hear that it also improves things for you in the bedroom! 

But before I get too far a head of myself, I've got a few tips for beginners that got passed on to me when I first started yoga. 

1. Don't take a class after eating, you can't digest food and twist around like a pretzel at the same time. It just doesn't work nor does it feel good. I suggest waiting an hour after eating to start practising. If you can't wait you can always have a banana 20 minutes before class to chase away the hunger.

2. Make sure you have the right equipment and clothing. You'll need a mat, strap and a block at least. Clothing is the fun part, as long as you can move comfortably in them you can wear just about anything, I recommend wearing leggings and a tank top. You might have heard about sticky gloves or socks marketed at beginners but don't fall for them! There's no need for it as it gets in the way of being at one with the earth. 
I get all my clothing inspiration from Pinterest right now. 

3. Relax and release the tension. When you first start its normal to feel nervous and tense, the more you let go and release the stress from your body the easier and more comfortable each pose is.
4. Don't forget to breathe, if you remember you'll notice at the beginning of class tour breathing will be more shallow and towards the end it will be deep and relaxed. When you let your mind wander think about lengthening your inhales and exhales.   

Fitness Friday Get Your Bikini Body Fast

From now on, when I get a chance i'm going to be featuring a great way to stay fit and look fantastic on a Friday. I'll write it all up in advance and then have it automatically posted for you all to read weekly. 

Do you want to get bikini body ready in just weeks?  Then do I have a workout idea for you! When I was 16 I got dared to join a pole dancing class - so I did. I loved it that much I did it for 3 and a half years.  Pole dancing is such a hardcore all over body work out, it makes you work muscles that probably have never been used before - at least not like this anyways. It engages your core strength and helps you build those abs you've always wanted.  


But to me, the best part of pole dancing as a workout is that women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are encouraged and welcomed by the dance studios.

In addition to better balance, coordination (and arms to rival Michelle Obama's)  another major benefit of pole dancing is the body confidence it brings. It helps you learn to trust your body and remembering how much fun it is to dance! 

Pole dancing can help a lot of women lost weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle. In one class you can burn as many as 250 calories which is about the same as a good gym session. 
Pole dancing combines weight training (without the expensive weights) for building muscles and toning them. I learnt to support my entire body weight with my arms, using my stomach muscles to stabilize my body. 
If you can't touch your toes, pole dancing may be the answer to improve your flexibility. The warm-ups in your average pole dancing class involve plenty of stretches to reduce tension in the body. Moves like splits and back bends are a part of some pole moves that hugely improve the body's flexibility, especially if done all the time. Pole dancing can help develop your curves and muscles just like a gym can

Pole dancing fitness can greatly give your confidence a boost because it's an exercise, like any other that releases endorphin's - the feel good hormone. The ability to perform moves like a gymnast will make you feel on top of the world! Your new confidence level will make you look healthier, younger, and even more attractive. If you want to read more about how dancing can effect your confidence I've found an article that's quite interesting, Dancing Increases Self Confidence and Self Esteem

There's also the opportunity, that after a few terms in a studio you can purchase your own equipment and dance from home. X-Pole Australia is one of the top online stores that i've seen for pole dancing products. There are also many videos and tutorials on Youtube. Click here to see some of the tutorials available online for Beginners pole dancing

Thinking out loud Thursday

Just a few more rambling thoughts and images that have given me the inspiration and motivation today. 
Surrounding yourself with like minded people is so important to your success. If they have big dreams just like you, you are more likely to follow through with your own. 

"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” - Life’s Little Instructions

Filling yourself with the right fuel is the perfect way to start your day. I've had some huge huge inspiration from Vanilla Crunnch on Instagram today or her website here: 

And once you mix one of her beautiful breakfasts with a packet of Vida Glow you're set for the day. I plan on mixing it in with my smoothies when I get home every morning. Give back your body the extra nutrition it needs for healthy glowing skin, nails and hair. Collegen is a natural substance found in our connective tissues, and as we age we start to lose it. 

While I'm at it and feeling like I should treat my body and since Skinny Me Tea was having a 50% off sale (and the fact I always go online shopping on pay day) I grabbed a few things today. I'm curious to see what products they're going to bring out next! I've signed up to their newsletter so I'll be the first to know what's going on. 

With the Happy Tea from Your Tea I've copied it's blurb because I can't put in words how amazing I have heard this tea is.. 
"Barbary Wolfberry Fruit or Go Qi Zi as it’s known in China, is a very effective little berry that helps to cleanse and tone the blood. For this reason it helps to awaken the body and the senses leaving you feeling fabulous. It also helps that it’s a little package full of antioxidants – the very things that help to clean up the damage that stress leaves behind.

Happy Tea also contains another favorite Chinese fruit of mine – Shan Zha or Hawthorn Fruit. These little delicious apple like fruits are amazing on digestion.They help to move any stagnated or accumulated food through the digestive tract and have a very calming effect on the gut in general. Shan Zha can be used to calm down a sensitive stomach or if there are digestive issues. It’s very gentle and safe and tastes delicious!

Both Chrysanthemum and Rose Flower both have an extremely calming effect on the body. Chrysanthemum is known for its ability to brighten the eyes and awaken he senses and is used in Chinese Medicine to clear out heat from the body when perhaps there are headaches or rashes (from heat like sun exposure). Again they both help to calm the digestive system but what’s more, Rose Flower assists in aiding menstrual issues like PMS and menstrual pain. It is able to facilitate blood flow around the body to overall improve circulation and generally support the body – this creating a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Lemon is an all time cleansing favourite – when the body is well cleansed, it works on an entirely different level – for the better. Lemon is useful for this reason – it helps to also brighten the eyes and give a sense of wakefulness as it invigorates. It’s quite commonly recognised a glass of warm lemon water first up in the morning helps to kick along the liver. This also helps the body to digest and ensure the bowels are happy too, eliminating bloating and irritable bowel issues.

This formula is nicely tied together with Chiense Red Tea. Red tea is wonderful as it generally supports the immune system and is also full of antioxidants." 

“If you look good, you feel good.”

We always assume that putting on a new outfit, or getting our hair done can make us look good, and therefore feel good. This in turn helps us to act and feel more confident. But what if looking good is actually a side effect of being healthy? Of feeling good?

That prompted me to think about the question, which one comes first: feeling good or looking good? 

To me, it's feeling good. Once you start feeling good on the inside nothing seems as bad to you anymore. So when you see your reflection you're too happy to notice what you used to think were flaws. So let's make our homework for the rest of our lives making ourselves feel good on the inside. Using chemical free organic products to treat our bodies.  

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Jocelyn Chew to Bikinis Anonymous - my new bikini body inspiration. She has an absolutely mint figure and I can't wait to be that fit! 

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Thoughts of the Day

Just making it clear now, this is a very 'all about me and my thoughts right now' post.
 Thinking back about how I felt the past few months and looking at how I feel now makes me realise a lot of things, mainly that I was unhappy. I'm not sure what it stems from but I can think of a few things that weren't 100% what I wanted. 

I used to love my jobs. I loved every single one of them, I loved working in retail, I had such a passion for people. I was early to work every day and I didn't mind the fact I got paid less then most people who do the same job but for other companies. I did it purely because I enjoyed it- now I've realised after being pushed around and treated like shit, that it's not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. 

I want to be my own boss, I don't want to have to start at 7am just because someone higher then me told me to via text message the night before. I want to have the choice to chose between sleepy mornings every morning or getting up with the sun to start my day. There's a few things I'm going to do to start making my life into what I want it to be. 
I want to study, I say this now and in a months time I'm probably going to hate it, but it's what I need to build new positive relationships around myself 

People are going to take you way more seriously when you have a qualification under your belt for your chosen passion turned career. I've noticed it a lot when I tell people I didn't go to Uni. It also can help with your understanding of your new found career options. When you study you also have excuses to buy beautiful stationary from Kikki K too. It's my secret guilty pleasure. If I've had a hard day at work, I'll often stop past a Kikki K store on my break and stock up on pretty things that I don't actually need but make me feel better. 

I want to be healthy, I want to look in the mirror and be 110% happy with the way I look. Currently I pick out a few flaws that are caused by my lifestyle - or lack of lifestyle right now. I want my skin to glow and be soft. I want nice abs and a booty. I want to make home made banana ice cream in an amazing blender and mix it with all sorts of fruits to make colourful displays, and then I want to eat it on the beach. I can start working out more and buy myself a really good blender and that solves two problems I'm facing here. I'll just need to move to the beach. I'm thinking Byron, or Lennox with one of my closest friends.

Being healthy isn't all about being fit, beautiful and strong, it's about being mentally healthy too. Everyone deserves happiness in their lives. When I finish writing this, I'm going to go outside and make a list of 10 things that make me happy. 

I guess I'm just rambling on because I haven't done anything in two days. Okay I take that back, I've done a lot of researching and connecting with people in the last two days, I just haven't gotten out of bed. 
After working non stop since September of last year having a holiday has helped me reevaluate my life to make it what I want. 

Stay tuned for more!