Living in Paradise

It's now 10 days into my month long holiday and I still never want to leave.
Today Monty showed me a little hide away at Tangkaan Beach where you can only reach at low tide. It's only a 10 min ride on the motorbike from the resort, and it's actually quite a nice ride too. 

We swam for an hour, took some photos to blog with and then came back to the resort for lunch.

It's the only place around here that has actual sand, not coral pieces. It feels amazing to walk on. 

I wore my Brakinis Milly in the California Coral top and Billabong Isla Low Rider bottoms. It's 5 pesos per person to swim on the beach, in Australian that works out to be less than 10 cents for Monty and I to both go swimming.

It's really important to stay sun Mary in the Philippines, I can get as sunburnt as a tomato is red in about 20 minutes. There's no sun baking in the Philippines purely because it's not common sense.
Keeping your fluids up is the second most important thing, I drink nearly 3L of water during the day to stay hydrated. It also helps your body heal at night when you're resting after spending the whole day in the sun. 

I also never go anywhere without my sunnies. I even climbed a waterfall wearing them! #likeaboss 

 I'm in love with the fruit in the Philippines, the mangoes are a million times tastier than in Australia and the pineapple is just right. 
My fruit salad has banana, Apple, mango and pineapple in it 👌🏻 
I have the fruit salad for lunch every day. 

It's so easy for westerners to put on weight while they are on holiday in a country like the Philippines, the food here is amazing! So I like to really enjoy the fresh food options on the menu. 

Yesterday I sat out in the shade (being sun smart!) and read a book. The resort has quite a few very old crime books I like to curl up and read.

While I'm reading. Monty will either go workout and lift weights or he will go flower picking for me as a surprise. 
The orange flower here is as big as my palm. 

I've been diving once since we arrived, I'm really not a fan of scuba diving but if there is anywhere to learn here is the perfect place! It's absolutely beautiful underwater - like finding Nemo. 
Monty is a qualified dive master so he can take me out on a discovery dive (under the supervision of his dad - the master instructor of course). 

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