Moana Bikini Shopping Experience Review

After a few emails this week of girls asking me when I'm going to review I finally caved in and purchased myself 2 Moana Bikini sets. The Mermaid Scales for $110 and the Bubblegum Runch Bum for $75  with the Marlin Seafoam top for $75 to match ($280 later!) lucky i've got spending money for my holiday right now! On eBay I found the pink triangle top for $60 so I bought that too. 

I spent over $200 so I was entitled to free shipping - it was only $10. But yet I got taxed importing fees of $26! I hope they're worth it! When I typed in the SHIPME code for the free shipping it actually removed all taxes completely - so I was okay with making the purchase, if I had've realised that I was still getting charged import taxes I'm not sure I would have gone through with such a huge sale. 

Purely the only thing that stopped me from purchasing from Moana before in the past was the price tag and the taxes - to me it seems excessive but everyone I have asked said it's worth it and they can't wait to purchase more.

Hopefully they will arrive home before I do so I can unwrap them and get a good look and feel. 


  1. Too bad they are too expensive

  2. I second that, too expensive

  3. See if you can get a collaboration deal with them!


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