How to get more Instagram followers

There are so many people on Instagram now that it makes it so hard to get noticed and gain new followers. People are often asking me how i got all my followers and the truth is, it was hard work. 
I've had the same account for the past 5 years and only recently changed my username to @madalyn.mitchell. It helps if you have a username that is memorable.

Your username.
 it's the first thing that people see when they look at your account. Something has told them that your account is worth looking at. My username used to be broken.treehouse and it would get people asking me why i chose it. It was a part of my favourite song at the time. When i started blogging i realised that maybe i should make my Instagram part of my personal brand. Hence the name change to my full name. This link here might be helpful to you if you are having trouble thinking of a username. 

Your bio.
Make it short, to the point and simple. Simple is easier to read. Also don't forget to include contact details. 

Updating regularly. 
This is a big one for me, i don't like to update daily, i like to do it every 2 or 3 days when i've finally picked the photo i'm going to upload. Once you've figured out your upload pattern - stick to it. 

Start a theme. 
When i was overseas it was so easy for me to work with a theme. It was all beachy and blue and full of bright colours. This is what i've found to be one of the easiest themes to follow, it's also my favourite. 
Other ideas include; 

  • Vegan food
  • Fitness
  • Food blog
  • Underwater
  • Fashion
  • Modelling - this helps if you are as fit as a model too

Find people with the same types of feeds and themes to you and follow them. 

Have good content.
Having a great username, updating everyday and following a theme still isn't everything you need to do. The most important part to using Instagram and getting followers is having great content - amazing photos - I will take hundreds of photos in one go before i can pick the best one. There's been days where Monty and i have taken thousands of photos and none of them were right either. 
You don't always need a good camera either, most of my photos are taken on my iPhone 5s. I make sure all my photos have the same size border around them too for a more appealing look as well. 

These used to work before people started spamming them with millions of photos. Now i make sure i use tags that people will look at that are relevant to my photo. It means i may not get as much publicity as i used to but that's okay too. If i hashtag now, i probably only get an extra 50-100 likes depending on the time of day. 

Promo Work. 
Once i got to about 10,000 followers companies started emailing me asking me to take photos for them to use on their websites, for their Instagrams and also for my blog too. 
This is a great way to gain more publicity for yourself too. 

I've gotten to watch some of my favourite accounts grow over the past 2 years to the huge accounts that they are now 'Instafamous' after they followed these steps. I'm not really interested in focusing so much on gaining followers. I'm enjoying Instagram for what it does for me. A fantastic way to kill time. 


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