I Spray Tans Canberra

You'll have to excuse the formating issues in this post today guys, I'm writing it up on my phone. 

Since I've come back from my holiday, Canberra has been such a cold place to be. It's currently the middle of winter and just outside of the city, less than 50km out - it's snowing - I'm all rugged up wearing 3 or more layers. It's colder than last year so there's no chance of getting outside into the sun like last winter (and even that was cold!) on my days off I have barely left my bed I've been that freezing. 

So I booked myself in to get a spray tan. Off I wandered to the other side of town and met someone who loves the beach, summer and tans as much as I do. Jane has been tanning for 7 years, she had a unconditional love with tanning when she was 16 and knew there were others that share the love with her. 
All together I think my appointment took 45 minutes. That's including photos and a bit of a chat too. 

Jane used the Minetan Violet base for a natural 'just returned from my holiday' and yep, she was right - now I look like I just came back. 

Standing there in a little disposable g sting and a hair net it gets cold. Im not sure if it's the cold that causes the goosebumps or if it's the excitement of not being pale anymore. 

This is with the bronzer and the developer still on. I left it on for 5-6 hours before having a shower and washing the bronzer off, I can't quite remember. Remember to not use any soaps in the shower because it will strip the developer from your skin and ruin your tan. Oh and make sure you have a non perfumed moisteriser to use twice daily. 

Overall i am so happy with how my tan worked out I'll be going back as soon as it wears off.  

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Stay tuned for more updates! I just replaced the battery in my laptop - it was the original battery from 8 years ago! Yes I know, I know, my laptop is really old and it shouldn't still be alive. But it's proof that if you take care of it, it will take care of you. But yes, more updates, I'll write up a few ASAP to post on a schedule so you guys aren't waiting for posts to go live. They will be on designated days. 
Anyways! I'm off to go work my other less enjoyable job. 


  1. Wow, the tan looks great! Really pops in contrast to your lovely bright bikinis too!

  2. your booty is looking amazing!!!


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