Kokoh Bikini Indian Atoll

One of my favourite Australian brands just released their new bikini range for the year and i'm in love! Kendall has really outdone herself with it this time. Kokoh Bikini introduces us to a very beautiful expensive hobby. I can't wait for them to go on sale eventually - that's how i do all my bikini shopping. 

I would absolutely love love love to be an ambassador for Kokoh Bikini one day. As much as i would love that to happen, i'm nowhere near as famous or as big online as i need to be the help the company progress further to take over Australian beaches. This is also me telling you to wait and see, give it a few years and Kokoh will take over completely!

The below photos are what are currently available for pre order online now on the Kokoh Bikini website.

On my wish list for my birthday i've already written down the Tidal Lines top and bottom in the Teal Palms and the Weaving Fushi top and bottom in Coral. (Hint hint Monty). I wish the Weaving Fushi came in a teal colour, that would have been absolutely perfect!

And i thought i would share some of my favourite images so far of the new Indian Atoll collection on Instagram, which you should definitely go check out for some amazing beachy vibes. It's got to be one of my faves, i even have upload notifications turned on for it!


  1. Replies
    1. If only they weren't so expensive!! I have to wait till the end of season to buy any because they're too expensive

  2. waaaaaay too expensive
    not worth it


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