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marmennill is a handmade bikini made with Italian materials in Denmark. It flatters your booty in the very best way possible! with its thicker sides and well created seams - no more digging in! It's the dream. marmennill believes the main goal is to celebrate the female body in its awesomeness, and it doesn’t hurt if that body is on the beach (wink). 

Purple Horizon
"The Purple Horizon bikini bottoms are visually more covering than our other bikinis. The cut is the same, however, ensuring that you get an optimal tan. The inspiration to the bikini comes from the clear mornings where the horizon is almost purple."
Salt Spray
"The Salt Spray bikini bottom provides you with the ultimate bubble butt focus.
The arctic blue design will enhance any curves that are hiding while also ensuring you an optimal tan with the cheeky cut. The design is inspired by the spray of water created by dolphins playfully jumping in front of a ship."

Caribbean Beach

It’s the perfect tropical blend of colours to compliment any tan on your booty.

North Sea
"The North Sea bikini bottom is an ombre blend of purple and green.The design of the bikini is especially inspired from the deep emerald colors of the Northern Sea. The design enhances your curves while the cheeky cut gives you an optimal tan."

You can follow the amazing progress on Instagram here.

So, these are your options, 
"The inspiration for the Caribbean Beach comes from the happiness a Scandinavian girl would undoubtetly feel if the destination is the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean tan is also guarenteed with this cheeky cut."

I'm getting the Caribbean Beach in a size small and i'm so excited! It won't get here for a few weeks but i'm totally okay with that! Each one of these bottoms will set you back around $97AUD BUT that's a handmade bikini bottom made to flatter your booty using amazing colours and fabulous materials. I've worn italian material bikinis before and they're so soft. 
Here's a quick measurement guide; I advise staying the same size that you are - if not a size down.

Here's some frequently asked questions from the website
How do I get a discount code?
Do you know someone who has bought a marmennill bikini? We always include a “thanks for buying” discount code, so if your friend has bought a bikini be extra nice to her. Buy her an ice cream or something 

Do you make bikini tops also?
We wish we were already there, but as we are just a small startup we wanted to test out the interest in the brand in a small scale first. But oh my did you like it. We are completely overwhelmed by your positive feedback and will be designing tops as well next season!

Is marmennill a Danish brand?
Yes. The marmennill bikinis are designed in Denmark.

I don’t live in Denmark, can I still get my hands on a bikini?
Of course! We ship all over the world.

So ladies! Get ordering!

So my bottoms arrived! They only took two weeks or so. I’ve been meaning to update this sooner but I’ve just been so busy with my new job.
I’ve got the medium bottoms and I found they’re actually a little too big for me. My hip measurement is 90cm at the widest part and these are still a little too big. So – if you have ANY questions about sizing please do contact marmennill for advice. This will be the last time I don’t listen to someone about sizing haha. I think I’ll book them into my local alterations place and have them brought in a few cm. The material is super super soft.
These bottoms really make me want to hit up the gym and do some weights to gain a bigger booty.

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