Thinking out Loud Thursday Things I Love Right Now

This week i've been thinking about things that i love right now. I've written up a list to share them with you all and so i can look back at home much i've grown as a person later on. 

I've been filling my time with a lot of reading and the first book that should be on the top of anyones list is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book has changed so many people's lives and ways of thinking that it's too amazing not to read! not only do i have the book but i also have the audio disk and play it non stop in my car. I've even been tempted to download it on my phone so i can listen to it in my sleep - okay i'm so doing that tonight as soon as i finish this. 

The Secret taps into your mind to find what you really want from the universe, it's based on the laws of attraction and shows that positive thinking can actually create life changing results such as an abundance amount of happiness, health and wealth. It's by far the most influential book i've ever read. This book is hard to find an accurate price for, in some places i've seen it for $16 and in others i've seen it for $35 but expect to pay more for it. You can't really put a price on something that can help you achieve such greatness though can you?

The next thing on my list is another book, this one is a little different but still classed as a self help book or a guide book for modern women who are just a little bit spiritually inclined. It's written by the amazing author Rebecca Campbell and she writes about her own journey to rediscover herself in her life that has crumbled around her and tips for you to find yourself. The quote in this book are amazing, i can open any page and find something i can relate to. 

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling                              - Fabienne Fredrickson
This book really didn't cost me much at all, less than $20 from what i can remember. Go out today and buy one! and the cover is super pretty too! 

More along the lines of finding yourself and being happy i've discovered a place that offers a Happiness Workshop. I'm not sure what it's going to be like yet as it's tonight at 6:30 and goes for an hour in the Kikki K store. During the workshop you can expect to explore what happiness means to you, learn to celebrate the little things and plan to welcome more happiness into your life. I'm so excited to do this workshop and i've been saying i wanted to do it for such a long time now. It's $40 and you get the Happiness journal as a gift during your class to fill in. The reviews online are getting me even more excited! I'll update on this tonight after my workshop! There is an option for a private workshop one on one but it's more expensive and i've never seen it advertised. 
I also will be entitled to a discount instore so i'll stock up on more gorgeous stationary for school then. 
For more information contact your local Kikki K store

I love drinking tea, almost as much as i love leaving half a cup on the bedside table at night. But this tea has me emptying my mug before i even start heading to bed. Your Tea has created a yummy blend that will make Sleeping Beauty jealous and helps kick the night time sweetness cravings. I find is so relaxing at night after a big day at work. It's currently sold out on the Australian store but will be back soon! 

We all know how much i love online shopping, and we all know how much i love discounts! i waited for Stelly Clothing to have a 20% off sale before making any orders. An experienced shopaholic only buys things on sale apparently. 

With express shipping my beautiful new jacket arrived in just two days! I got this one for just over $70. I was a bit hesitant to purchase from Stelly but after seeing the reviews online i couldn't resist. This jacket is called the Pistachio Nougat Coat in the Beige and it's my new favourite fashion item of 2015 and the perfect treat for a long week at work. 
I love to mix it with my turtle neck knit from Temt. 

It matches with everything so well and the quality is amazing. It's actually quite thick - i know it looks a bit misleading - and it protects me from the wind in Canberra really well. I'm so impressed! I've also bought the grey version too because i loved it that much. 


Next on my list was an online purchase purely to spoil myself knowing that i was coming home from the tropics in the middle of winter. Chances are if you have instagram then you have met Frank, an Australian beauty legend that has all the babes covered. 
The new range he has released promises to "rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin" and i've had nothing short of amazing results myself. It's still the signature coffee base which is amazing on sensitive skin and anyone with skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It comes in a bulk pack for $50 and i'm pretty sure i got free shipping too. Three items are packed up in cute cylinders 
1. the Creamy Cleanser - containing green coffee extract, charcoal and marshmallow root so it foams up a little to refresh your skin. 
2. the Creamy Face Scrub - an olive green scrub with visible coffee grounds and white clay with extras gives your skin the nourishment it really needs. 
3. and lastly the Everyday Moisturiser - exactly what it says it is, soothing vitamin e, coconut and grape. Pure heaven for the skin. 

The last thing on my list isn't really a thing, unless you count humans as a thing? i'm not sure. But my favourite "thing" to date is my partner Monty, we've been through thick and thin together for nearly 5 years. It's been an incredible journey full of getting to know ourselves and one another at the same time. It's not always been easy but by golly it is rewarding. We've had countless people meddle in our relationship to try and split us up because we're "not right for each other" or "she's too boring" and if i had a dollar for every time i heard " we just don't want you to make the same mistakes we made" i would be very rich by now, i think it's purely because they don't like me. Overcoming this is something i still haven't quite got the hang of yet, it's one of the most important life lessons the universe has thrown at me so far - how to realise it's okay that not everyone will like you - I am so loved by Monty that it doesn't even matter. He makes up for all the shitty things in the world. No one else will stay up late with me to talk about nothing, make me tea when i'm sick, bring me dresses out clubbing in the middle of the night and love me for all my craziness that is me. 

Since it's now after 1am i think its time for some much deserved sleep and i've been using my phone as a hotspot so i probably have no data left on my phone now.
i'll update as soon as i can


  1. i love the secret too, do you have a vision board? maybe you could write a post on that?

    1. I do have one! It's huge! I'm currently in the processes of redoing my visions ad creating a life I want for myself. So as soon as I'm done I'll share it with you all :)

  2. Isn't the secret book a whole load of shit?

    1. It worked for me, and now I'm making it work for me again.
      Do you want to be happy?

  3. Will you be posting more like this?

    1. If it generates enough interest, why not!


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