5 Tips for More happiness

Are you struggling with a severe case of Monday-itis? here are my tips to help with those blues. 

 Get outside and get the blood pumping.
Instead, get out of the house! Whether you hit the gym for a quick session, head to your favourite cafe for a coffee break, or simply opt for a sunny walk around the block, changing your scene can hugely effect your mind.

Pamper yourself.
People usually underestimate importance of “me time” and spending time on yourself. While scheduling a massage or mani can be quite expensive an add up over time, most girls are turning to DIY-ing similar treatments that can improve your state of mine. I love curling up in bed early with a great documentary.

Pet a puppy. Or join the Cool Dog Group on facebook.
Pet a puppy or other small fluffy animal, even holding a baby that you like (making contact here is the important part) can be beneficial for you. Playing with something small and fluffy can be the ultimate stress relief, and a perfect way to unwind. Animals’ unconditional love has even been told to improve depression by improving mood and decreasing tension. Also, go check out the Cool Dog Group on Facebook, right now. 


Call someone or go out with friends
With texting, fb, twitter, and Snap Chat, making an actual phone call can seem like the last thing to do to keep in touch with your bestie.

Retail therapy. When all else fails, buy something (this is always my first option, not gunna lie). While this option is admittedly not the most credit card  friendly, it always seems to get the job done, no matter how small the purchase. 

Eating Chocolate.
Also fun to do while you're shopping. People have proven that small amounts of dark chocolate can be beneficial to your health and also your mind.


What are your go-to happiness tips and tricks?

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