August Wishlist | If money were no problems

I’m going to start a few weeks into everything month creating a wish list of things I would buy if money were no issue. It will be things of all prices (so some will be affordable for everyone).
I purely write wish lists because I always forget all the cool awesome things I want to buy. So if I collaborate everything into a list I never forget what I’ve come across. These are a few things I’ve come across today that I would love to own but right now am dreaming. I’m trying to avoid shopping because I’m going away twice next month and need to save up to have the best weekends ever! Oh yes, there will be plenty of photos and bikinis involved.

$63.00 USD 

I’ve seen so many hauls online on youtube about Victoria Secrets bikinis, I think they’re super cute and a lot of girls have said they’re the best push up bikini on the market right now. I’ll confess – I did just order one of these today online from eBay. It’s $40 shipping just to get one thing to Australia from their website! It was so expensive, so I went for the cheaper option and found a second hand pair that had never been worn. I’m waiting for a pink version of this one to arrive next week now.

$74.00 USD 

White Brooklyn Bottom Coulbourne Swimwear

$74 USD


Mr. Smith Balancing Shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse the hair and scalp. Jasmine and mandarin oils soften keratin and relax stressed hair. The scalp is soothed and the hair fibre cleansed of stubborn styling product residue from waxes and sprays. The result is hair that is left feeling silky and clean. 


Mr. Smith Balancing Conditioner invigorates and refreshes hair, with nourishment and hydration courtesy of cacao seed butter, complemented by wheat protein, which plumps and strengthens the hair fibre. Hair is moisturised but not weighed down and importantly retains its natural movement, bounce and shine


TIDAL LINES top |Coral PALMS $79.00

I’m krazy for Kokoh and anyone who has been following me since this time last year knows that. I get two or three bikinis from each collection when they go on sale. It’s my  blogging dream to be able to collaborate with them. Their materials are super soft and patters unique. Kokoh Bikini has had people steal their designs before and it was just awful. The stolen copies still were nowhere near as good as Kokoh.

 TIDAL LINES bottom| Coral PALMS

$79.00 AUD


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