Thinking out Loud Thursday Bad Beauty Habits to Break

Not many people admit they have bad habits, let alone beauty bad habits. Here's a list of my top bad habits that i'm always breaking and try to (not really) break and never do again!

Not washing make up off
When i wear small amounts of make up i'm guilty of this, but to be fair - it's only mascara. I very rarely will wear a full face of make up but when i do i try to make sure i remove it all as soon as i get home.
Not filing nails
More often than not, at work i'll just use a pair of scissors to fix that hang nail or broken nail because i don't have access to a nail file. I've made an attempt to always carry one in my bag.

Picking nail polish off
I don't like wearing nail polish, so as soon as i have a chipped nail i'll sit there and pick the whole other 9 fingernails until it's all off. I cannot begin to think how bad this is for your nails and you should always use polish remover. 

Not brushing hair
Yeah this one i do all the time, since my hair is so long it's easier to just tie it up in a bun for a few days and brush it in the shower. It's really bad due to the fact it can cause breakages in your hair. Read what can happen here if you don't brush your hair for a week. 

I don't even need to go into details with this one, just know that It's never too late to reverse this bad habit, so slap on the sunscreen and get your bronzed look straight from a bottle this summer.

Exfoliating before a tan
I hardly ever exfoliate let alone before i get a tan. This can dramatically ruin the quality of your tan by making it uneven and blotchy.
without the proper preparations, a spray tan can look blotchy or uneven. - See more at:
without the proper preparations, a spray tan can look blotchy or uneven. - See more at:

What are you beauty habits you've been meaning to break?

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