Best documentaries to watch now

These are some of the most viewed health documentaries online. I absolutely loved watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 and 2. They're amazing documentaries  that even a few years later i still remember quite vividly, so i recommend them 110%!
Vaccine - Calling the Shots is my favourite on this list. I'm pro vaccine, i've met people who had diseases because vaccinations weren't available to them and they got sick. So i'm completely fully vaccinated in everything.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

"This inspiring documentary chronicles Joe Cross’s mission to regain his health. Starting at 100 pounds overweight with an autoimmune disease and a body full of steroids, Cross vows to only eat fruit and vegetable juices for 30 days. He interviews more than 500 Americans about food, and then meets a 429-pound truck driver with the same medical condition. The two connect and the end result of a beautiful film that will inspire you to make changes in your own life."

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2

"After the film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” documented his 60 day juice fast, Joe Cross vowed never to go on camera again. Since then, more than 20 million people have seen the film and Joe realized there’s still a lot for him to learn about becoming healthy and staying that way.  "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2" taps into the tsunami of positive change that’s sweeping the world when it comes to what we eat."

 Bite Size

 "Bite Size tells the stories of 4 kids around the country as they embark on a journey to become healthier and lose weight. All it takes is someone to believe in you and the will to try."

Food, Inc
"When this documentary debuted in 2009, it shocked viewers. Filmmaker Robert Kenner exposes the practices of global food production that is wrapped up in multinational corporate control, thus, placing profit over all else. We see the reality of large-scale food business, like poor health and safety conditions for animals and workers. This title is available for instant streaming on Netflix."

Super Size me

"A well-known documentary by Morgan Spurlock, the film makes a simple argument that fast food makes us fat and unhealthy. To prove it, he takes a 30-day challenge where he can only eat food on the McDonalds menu, and he travels around the country to interview experts and regular Americans. If you’re looking for a kick to stop eating fast food, this doc is fantastic medicine."

Vaccines - Calling the Shots 
"At the center of this disturbing narrative lies the recent outbreak of measles across the United States and other countries. Thanks to the effectiveness of widespread vaccinations, measles was thought to be eradicated by the year 2000. In fact, many seasoned medical professionals had never treated a single case of what was once a far too common infection. But all that changed when over 30,000 instances of measles erupted in Europe in 2011, and the infection soon made its way to the United States two years later."

 Let me know if you end up watching any of these and your opinions on them!

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  1. well that was eye opening! i really really liked the mcdonalds one!


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