Thinking out Loud Thursday - How I Afford Expensive Bikinis

I'm not even sorry for using a meme with the F word in it, since it so accurately describes how i feel right now. I often get asked how i can afford so many bikinis, it's not easy that's for sure.  I'm pretty irresponsible about money, not going to lie. I would rather buy a $100 bikini every week then save my money up.

Take a look at Acacia Swimwear, it's one of the most stylish companies i've seen online since i started blogging, take a look at the prices below each picture, then add on 30% more for the currency conversion from American dollars to Australian Dollars, then add on an extra $37 for shipping. I can't wait for the Australian dollar to make it's come back and be as strong as the American dollar!


These prices are out of my budget that's for sure, so what i do with any bikini brand is wait until they go on sale at the end of the season and wait for discount codes. It's risky as all hell because there's a high chance you will miss out on the pieces you want. 

There are girls out there that do nothing but save their money and spend easily over $1,000 on the new collection when it drops. When i complain about the price tags they are quick to tell me that all you have to do is save up. For me, it's not so simple, I'm an adult with lots of bills to pay too which doesn't leave me much to play with at the end of the week. But for others this is the perfect way to get their faves. 

Moana Bikini

My blog was the easiest way to start getting the bikinis i wanted, if i did some extra work for the company by reviewing their products i could get a discount code that made the bikinis much more affordable. Once i started getting over 5,000 views per month it got easier and then at 10,000 i still get knocked back for collaborations - but that's all part of being a blogger!

made by Dawn

Another thing i do is enter into give aways on Instagram. I've won three so far.  
Asking for Bikinis as gifts is another way, you can write up a wish list of your favourite brands and give it to your family months before your birthday or Christmas. 
Lay-by at your local surf store - i'm on first name terms with the girls and guys at my local SDS store. 


Signing up to newsletters to make sure you know when all the sales are is great as well. I have an email address set up purely for that. I'm constantly getting emails about new stock and the new sales. I find that signing up for Australian brands is better for my budget.
In most emails it will either give you a discount code or it will direct you back to the sale section where all the pieces are already discounted. 

Sometimes it's okay not to buy designer brands and go for the department store styles, like i've just done with H&M, mind you - they don't ship to Australia (i found this out after putting everything in my shopping cart and making an account), so i had to find a shipping company to organise purchasing and the shipping to Australia for me (and that was not cheap), all together it will cost $150 for two bikinis that i'm in love with! and realistically that's how much you would pay for two at the surf shop or for one really really nice one. To order these two bikinis i did sell three on ebay, ones that i've never worn more then a handful of times.

This summer, i think i'll drive up to Sydney more often to go to the local H&M store, they've actually got some really cute things online - they just need to open an online store and i'll be happy. Take these tips to account and you will be on your way to having your favourite bikini brands just like me.


  1. i love the orange push up!
    when will it arrive?

  2. Spending this much is ridiculous

  3. I hear you 100% on this....I just can't ever resist the temptation!


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