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Whether you're lacing up your shoes for the first time or you're a fitness fanatic, these top 3 Australian fitness blogs will have something for everybody!

Fitness Food and Style
Dani Stevens, 40 |
Who she is:

Having just hit the big 4-0, Stevens is motivating Australian women of all ages to defy the effects of ageing via an active lifestyle.

Why I love it: Dani goes the extra mile to include the success stories of other women alongside her own journey. You’ll be inspired weekly by the transformations of other women working hard to take control of their health. And it's run on blogspot like my blog too!


Fitness In The City
Lee Sutherland, 31 |
Who she is: 
Lee is a self-confessed former late night and coffee addict who has swapped the stress of a career in marketing and PR for green smoothies, Nike runners and a whole lot of health lovin’! Now a master personal trainer and certified health coach, Sutherland aims to fill a gap in the market for inventive fitness options.
Why I love it: 
 Lee alternates betweens the topics of ‘move’, ‘live’ and 'nourish' for an all-encompassing guide for creating a new and improved lifestyle.



Bianca Cheah, 32 -
Who she is:
 Bianca manages Sporteluxe alongside her career as a model, so she knows a thing or two about looking her best! Since launching in late 2012, the blog has quickly grown into a full-blown fitness community, with established industry contributors and a focus on working out in style.

Why I love it: 
Sporteluxe’s visual appeal gives readers a hit of inspiration before they’ve even clicked on the latest post. You won’t see any selfies here, but only the highest quality images thanks to the talented photographic team (which i am totally envious of!). I love her look too, i love looking at models.

Who are your favourite fitness bloggers?

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  1. My mother always thought me that fitness is the best wealth that I can achieved aside from education.


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