Mine Tan Review Mine#Tanbassador

Have you ever wanted that deep bronze tan that you see girls have on Instagram who live on the beautiful Hawaiian islands? oh boy, do i have a tip for you. 
I'm about to blow your mind with my favourite tanning product. 

As self-confessed fake tan addicts, tanning is a lifestyle here at Mine.Tan.Body.Skin. We wanted something that was a little different and something that was just 'mine'.
Think about it, everyone's different — we have different skin tones, different tanning preferences and different things we tan for — so we decided to give you every option under the sun (pardon the pun!).
MineTan is all about YOU — YOU choose the colour of your tan, how dark YOU want to go and the finish of YOUR tan.
Want to look like you've just stepped off the beach at the Italian Riviera? Try our Violet Base Tan. Want to look like you've been partying it up at Carnival in Brazil? Then our Dark Ash Base is your thing. Just want a naturally olive dark look? Give our Green Base Tan a go. Even better try them all!Find the perfect colour, just for YOU.
Express yourself. Our tans work super-fast. Get the tan you want in as little as an hour. Want to go darker? Simple - leave it on for longer (it's really not brain surgery!)
So whether you're a salon pro or a first time tanner, MineTan is the tan for YOU. We know you're going to love it. Our Professional and Retail Ranges allow you to apply your tan and hit the town that night with the confidence of a natural looking tan - without the dreaded fake tan smell!

 I've used both the express 1 hour tan (left on for much longer than that) and i've also had a professional spray tan done by I Spray Tans in Canberra. Getting a professional tan is so much quicker than doing your tan yourself and i recommend it. 

 I feel so privileged to be a part of the Mine Tan mine#tanbassadors team, i'm waiting for my package to arrive so i'll update this post when it arrives, i was just super excited to share it already! So keep an eye out. It's so amazing to work with one of your favourite products and sharing it with everyone. Stay prepared for more bikini photos and more beach trips!

 Don't forget to check out their online store here for all the items below.

Because the tan is normally quite dark, i recommend using a mitt to apply your tan at all times, you can get a packet of one for $7.95 or two for $11.95

 If the express tan regular isn't your cup of tea, there's a tanning mist - which may make more of a mess and would require more ventilation. Get yours for $19.00 on sale from $39.00.

Stock up on exfoliating gloves for $7.95 each.

This is the tan that i used while i was overseas, i loved it! it cost me $29.95.

The violet is my favourite shade, it's also the product that i had my professional tan done with. It offers such a natural shade of bronze, making me feel like i was still on holiday! It's also $29.95. 

If you aren't comfortable purchasing online, Priceline also has them in stock.  Don't forget to check out their instagram page here and use your hashtags too! #minetan for green tans #minetanviolet for violet tans #minetandarkash for dark ash tans!


  1. you look so tan!

  2. does it come off easily?

  3. i'm very concerned about my sheets getting ruined from wearing fake tan

  4. Have you gotten your tan pack yet?

  5. So brown 😍


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