Princess Polly Review

Princess Polly is an online store I found through instagram, they’re not cheap but they’re pretty good. I’ve purchased one item from them after following them on instagram for a few months. i'm actually pretty certain that the parcel bag it comes in is the same as another store too. I remember seeing it before. somewhere while opening mail.

I ordered the Voodoo Child Top in Mustard in a size 8. It’s a knitted cotton crop top so it stretches. It fits fine over my bust but it was really tight under my arms on the seams.  So I’ve had to exchange it for the next size up.
I did ask the customer service chat lady if she thought the size would fit me, she was polite and kind but not helpful. She just told me all the models wear a size 8. That was not helpful at all, I’m usually an 8 but I’m not shaped like the models, hardly anyone is shaped like them at all. 

Either way, i'm happy with it. 
I made my order using the Afterpay option, which is pretty much a take home layby. IT deducts money from your credit card each week till you've paid off your item. You have a limit of up to $500. 

This top was only $50, overpriced yes. Forever21 had nearly the same top for less than $15 a few months ago, i didn't know this at the time so i missed out on  it :( 
I've been hunting for a top like this for a few weeks now, so i'm happy that i found the PP one - even though it's super expensive.  Would i shop with them again? that's hard to tell, i don't like how expensive the products are for what they're actually made of. This top is for special occasions and going out otherwise it will wear out something fierce. 
If i saw another item like this that i loved? i might buy it, the Afterpay option makes it so much more convenient.

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