The Purchase Report | July


She gotta shoppin problem
 I'm a compulsive shopper
 So I'm a cop her prada 
I'm a ice her outta 
Make ya talk about her 
She got this thang about her 
Yea she a sexy walker 

We all know i'm a shopaholic, I just can't help myself. I'm trying to avoid going online shopping right now and it's raining outside, I was hoping to go for a long walk outside today, but since i can't, here's a list of things i've picked up in the last month and adored.

Kikki K Happiness Journal & Bright Ideas Notebook

 Did you know that happy people live longer, and are always healthy. They say laughter is the best medicine. You can use The Happiness Journal to help you understand your own personal happiness and explore ways to welcome more happiness into your daily life.
Have fun using the exercises, prompts and planners to explore the different areas of your life and how each affects your happiness, then use the 12 tabs to set monthly objectives to work towards, over a year of exploring your happiness. It also includes inspiring quotes to help you along your happiness journey. The Happiness Journal is $32.95 and the Notebook is $19.95

 Beauty Products

 I love this colour of Essie nail polish Go Ginza, though it's really not the best quality for the large price tag (18.95) that you're paying, the colour still pops with the colour palette of my clothing. Every girl needs an original Beauty Blender in their make up kit. My cat ruined my last one, so i ordered a new one in the cute lilac colour from eBay so it's not brand name. It's got a flawless egg shape design so you can use it at every angle.  I've also invested in the beautiful nude Paparazzi Princess Chi Chi Lipstick from the Viva La Diva range. I got mine from Target on a 30% off sale, they're usually around the $18.95 mark. Lipsticks usually don't have a strong smell to them, but this one smells nearly good enough to eat!

Cotton On Gloves
These come in a pack of two, one brown and one navy. I gave the navy ones to my sister to wear for school. I think they only cost me $6.95 for the pair. Everyone who lives in Canberra, Australia will know how cold and strong the wind is during Winter and Spring. It comes off the Snowy Mountains and brings a cold chill with it too. I think i've got 4 or 5 pairs of gloves now to rotate during the week. 

Moana Bikini

There was a competition running on Instagram for Moana Bikini, they were going to do a give away for people who purchased an item between the middle of July and the middle of August. Because their most recent range is nearly all sold out and a new one is coming in, i thought i might snap up the last piece that i really liked, the Sea Foam Runch Bottom.
They're $75 for the bottoms, plus 10% taxes and $10 shipping. They're not cheap and i think they ended up costing me $92 for just the one pair of bottoms. 

 Temt Clothing
I love fashion and i love building my wardrobe up with pieces i can mix and match with in all the seasons. The most recent trend i can really get behind is little turtle neck tops - as long as they aren't cropped - I've got 3 from Temt. A navy, black and the white versions. 
I've mixed it with a cute fake suede caramel skirt also from Temt and a stylish necklace from Equip that i bought last year. Unfortunately Temt doesn't have an online store but i'm pretty certain they're Australian wide. If you're looking for something similar most online boutiques should have the same items if not, very close to.

What did you buy in July that you love? Let me know in the comments section below!



  1. can you do a review of the Naked Palette?

  2. looks like everything is coming along nicely

  3. I love this! You should do it each mont

  4. I would like to see you wrote a wish list each month too. Half way through the month?


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