28th September 2015

Today is a public holiday in my city which meant that i finally got a sleep in - yay - but not a very long one now that the weather is warming up. I would rather go sit in the sun outside and work on my tan or go for a run then lay in bed all morning. Although i'm back in bed now it's only because the wind is still cold.

Bikini by H&M

I woke up at 8:30am this morning, read some Eat Pray Love while eating my breakfast in the sun on the grass. Monty and i then went for a walk up the ridge to go find this purple flowered plant that he wanted to see.

I've tried out the new Mine Tan Absolute Foam for $32.99 but you can use my code MAD20 to get 20% off your total order.  It's the darkest 1 hour express tan Mine Tan offers and it's by far my favourite. I only left it on for about an hour and 20 minutes in total to get this shade of tan.
Love it!

After our walk i broke out the Nutri Bullet and made myself a healthy berry ice cream bowl. Frozen strawberries and blueberries blended then added together and topped with more frozen fruit. Perfect!

And for lunch i decided to make vegan pancakes, this is the recipe i was working off

1 cup coconut flour
3/4 cup almond milk
1 small banana
 a dash of vanilla essence

 Mash the banana up then add the almond milk and coconut flour (my coconut flour wasn't very photogenic today lol, the whole packet fell apart).

 Topped with maple syrup and fresh blueberries. Ah yum.
Now i''m blogging and watching Cowspiracy for the rest of the afternoon before going to bed early tonight. I couldn't be more happier with the weather forecast for next week either. Get prepped for so many more photos!

Bikini by Merculture Swimwear

Scrumcious | Saturday | Shake for Shape

How good does that look? amazing right? it's a smoothie bowl - fruit blended together with pretty healthy toppings. I'm actually waiting for my pay to go through right now so i can hit up the supermarket to stock up on fruit for the next few days that's how inspired i am right now.
I'm going to share with you one of my favourite websites Shape for Shake which is where i got all these beautiful photos from in this post. So please go and check it out and also search it up on instagram.
You can make your own smoothie bowls using cute bowls to start with then adding pretty coloured fruit to a blender. You can even add layers into glass bowls and cups to make it look even better too!

Super Skinny Models? My thoughts

I've been asked this so many time in my inbox lately - how do you feel about super skinny models?
the truth in my opinion- it really depends on the model.
 I've seen some really tiny women modelling for bikini companies that rock the tiny frame and still have a booty and smaller curves, other times i've seen models that resemble stick insects and worry me that they're giving people the wrong impression about what they do to keep skinny. I usually have a hard time trying to pick a bikini online purely because i don't look like those models advertising the product. How will i know if that top or bottom will suit my frame? i usually can guess it pretty well but only because i'm a shopaholic (thank goodness!) but others may have this issue and not be able to resolve it.

Over the years that i've been blogging and have had instagram i've noticed a change, while some companies prefer slender models to represent them, more and more businesses are going with healthy clean eating lifestyle advocates  to represent them. I really think there's a difference between skinny models and slender women who are thin because they take care of their bodies.

Look at Alexis Ren - she works god damn hard to look the way she does, she was gifted with fantastic genes and she owned them! I love seeing her photos around because she puts out such a positive vibe about herself. She is a beautiful slender model.


Jenah Yamamoto is another one of my favourites - she's so tiny but looks mega healthy in my eyes because she's not just skin and bones - you can see that girls 6 pack and muscle def all the time!


So many more companies are donating to charities and foundations to help young girls out there and i love that!

The one thing i do get sick of - is seeing the same handful of models in EVERYONES feed. It's so annoying! i don't follow them for a reason but yet they're all through the swimwear industry.

Fitness Friday | Benefits of Barre


 Barre fitness classes are a ballet inspired mixed with elements of Pilates, dance and yoga. Each move is choreographed to motivating music. In each work out you'll use the barre and exercise equipment to sculpt and slim your entire body.

Here's my top reasons as to why i work out with the barre;

1 You don't need any experience! in a class with a qualified instructor, the instructor will asses what level you are at. The only way to improve is to measure yourself against yourself  not the person next to you. There are so many modifications for every age and level.

2. Hard on muscles and kind on your joints; since each move is super controlled, it reduced pressure on your joints. Doing barre regularly you'll also notice the improvement of your core strength and posture (my favourite reason).

3. It's a full body work out. Since the movements are so tiny and include many repetitions that intentionally squeeze and pulse your muscles.

4. It increases flexibility. Nuff said.


 5. Lose weight and inches from your figure. The larger muscles used the more calories will be burned. More importantly then losing weight is barre classes will help you distribute inches on your body - making you appear (and feel) more lean. Paired with my preferred vegan or vegetarian diet and you'll achieve even better results.

6. Rapid results, you'll be sore after the first few classes but you'll see major results in a very short period of time. Soon enough you'll have abs, firm thighs, better posture and fantastic back.
Apparently it's really good for those "problem" areas for women.

I haven't started my barre classes yet - i start next month - but for now i've been checking out youtube workouts for barre at home and you've seen the fantastic results on my instagram so far!

Scuba Diving with Indepth Scuba

 So i finally got Scuba qualified with Indepth Scuba last weekend yeah! The water was so cold my insides felt like they were freezing! Luckily the sun came out for a quick 'kini shoot and to warm up again. Here's my favourite photos from the two weekends :)

The Wish List | September

 There's not many things on my wish list this month but the main thing would have to be a Same Swim Bikini..

With tiny models wearing even smaller bikinis i think i died and went to heaven with this new brand. Same Swim is yet to release their first collection and i'm on the waiting list to be notified when it does! 

I don't even know how much money i need to save in order to purchase one of these bikinis since they've been so tight lipped on releasing any details so far. That's probably the most disappointing part for me about it, waiting to know how expensive they will be. I've been saving for a few weeks now - these top two styles are the ones that i'm interested in getting. 
And do the bikini bodies come in a package too?

It reminds me of the brand Kiini, but i prefer Same Swim over Kiini any day. Lets hope their price tags aren't the same!
The only details i know is that apparently the release date is in September. As soon as i have a set you'll know about it!