Cheeks Bikinis Worldwide Review

I'm loving the playful cheeky bikini from  Cheeks Bikinis Worldwide (the black bikini top is from Asos). The pink with white polka dots is just super fun.
The minimal amount of fabric leaves lots of skin to tan in summer. I'm also wearing my MineTan Moroccan tan in the more tanned photos here - you can use my discount MAD20 for a 20% off discount too! 

They come in the biggest variety of colours too, this one was just my fav. The bright colours look fantastic with my tan and with my natural paler winter tan.

 I wear the XS and it fits fantastic! I had seen these advertised on eBay a very long time ago and always thought they were a cheap asian knock off until i discovered Cheeks Bikinis - Praise the Summer Gods that i did! I think XS is the only size option available. This bikini set me back double the advertised price of $39.95 after the USD converting to AUD and then adding international shipping charges as well, still totally worth it.

The models on the website nearly put me of buying it, they looked a little too much for me and i worried that it wouldn't look as good on me. I surfed through Cheeks Bikini's instagram page and saw many girls with average but fit bodies and then i was totally sold. I knew i needed this bikini!

Again, i'm really sorry about the shitty photos lately guys, but as soon as the sun comes out for longer then a few hours to warm up Canberra then i'll be out taking photos for you all to see. Then i can update all my posts with the new sexy fun photos i'll have to share! 
What do you guys think? Leave me a comment down below :)

EDIT: since posting this it has come to my attention that Cheeks Bikinis Worldwide has an inactive instagram account that hasn't been updated in almost a year and their website link doesn't work! For an alternative brand that is very similar check out Dare Me Bikini

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