City Beach Bikini Review

I made the amazing discovery of City Beach Australia’s swimwear sale a few weeks ago. I ordered two of the same bikini - Topanga Buttercup – purely because I didn’t know which colour I liked more. I ordered it in the Micro Lagoon and also Micro Neon Hot Pink. 

I wear the size 8 and i'm usually an 8-10. I'm loving the adjustable ties on the bottoms since i have wide hips and i only just fit into the top. I would have loved to see how the size 10 fit but i'm a little concerned that if i lost weight it wouldn't fit.

This bikini features a booster padding structured top moulded of course, ruching details and, adjustable halter strap - but the band around your chest isn't adjustable. It comes in so many colours and since i only paid $15 for each of them it was just too hard to say no to, especially when their original price was $70!

The light lining on the bottoms prevents the material going transparent when it comes into contact with water and a cute metal logo branding.

I took the chance to take a few selfies in front of the mirror. Can't wait for summer so there's more daylight after i finish work in the afternoon. 

 I'm actually so surprised at the amount of push up the top offers too, i didn't think it would be so good. This season i'm really enjoying push up bikinis, i've got these two, two tops from Cotton On Body and two Victoria Secrets bikinis too!

 They fit so well in my collection! i love them! I paid for the express shipping from QLD to ACT, it only took about 3 days in total to arrive. Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of these!

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