Fitness Friday | Benefits of Barre


 Barre fitness classes are a ballet inspired mixed with elements of Pilates, dance and yoga. Each move is choreographed to motivating music. In each work out you'll use the barre and exercise equipment to sculpt and slim your entire body.

Here's my top reasons as to why i work out with the barre;

1 You don't need any experience! in a class with a qualified instructor, the instructor will asses what level you are at. The only way to improve is to measure yourself against yourself  not the person next to you. There are so many modifications for every age and level.

2. Hard on muscles and kind on your joints; since each move is super controlled, it reduced pressure on your joints. Doing barre regularly you'll also notice the improvement of your core strength and posture (my favourite reason).

3. It's a full body work out. Since the movements are so tiny and include many repetitions that intentionally squeeze and pulse your muscles.

4. It increases flexibility. Nuff said.


 5. Lose weight and inches from your figure. The larger muscles used the more calories will be burned. More importantly then losing weight is barre classes will help you distribute inches on your body - making you appear (and feel) more lean. Paired with my preferred vegan or vegetarian diet and you'll achieve even better results.

6. Rapid results, you'll be sore after the first few classes but you'll see major results in a very short period of time. Soon enough you'll have abs, firm thighs, better posture and fantastic back.
Apparently it's really good for those "problem" areas for women.

I haven't started my barre classes yet - i start next month - but for now i've been checking out youtube workouts for barre at home and you've seen the fantastic results on my instagram so far!

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