H&M Bikini Review

Welcoming to my collection of bikinis is two new H&M crochet bikinis!!
I ordered these two from the online store in America (so i didn't miss out on them!) through an online personal shopper.
Little did i realise they're actually coming to the Australian stores over the next few weeks. I don't particularly want to visit their stores because of the awful customer service reviews online about them.
I've left numerous messages with their customer service team on the voicemail and never got a response, their email team is a little better. They can't be fucked helping customers really.

The staff seem to be quite rude as well from what i've heard too, I'm not looking forward to visiting their store in Sydney next weekend but i really want to see if the rest of their crochet collection is in store. The tops offer just the right amount of padding for a little lift.

I'm a size 32C usually in American bras but the only sizes left in these tops were 34B's which don't fit too bad at all thanks to the adjustable ties, the bottoms are a American 4 and are a little too big for me too. I'm keen to see how they fit in smaller sizes in store.

H&M doesn't have an online store apparently - which sucks because they would make so so so much more money! people do nothing but complain about not being able to shop online - me included!
So i spent an arm and a leg on getting these bikinis to Australia and i wouldn't have it any other way.  I've got both the white and the apricot styles. Despite the bottoms having a little more coverage - they still show quite a bit of booty. When the weather warms up, expect to see more of these on my blog for photo diaries!

I love the fact you can mix and match them with different textured materials too. I've got another peach push up bikini top from Cotton On Body (available online now!) for $25. It has a plain material which will go super cute with these bottoms too!

 In a smaller size i feel it would be perfect, i'm going to try to get another one in a smaller size next weekend when i go to Sydney for my birthday.
The crochet pattern is subtle but cute, i love it. It's a little more neon then the photos give it credit for. I'm thinking that i want the red and the black styles too - but i'll have to wait and see what's in store.

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