Super Skinny Models? My thoughts

I've been asked this so many time in my inbox lately - how do you feel about super skinny models?
the truth in my opinion- it really depends on the model.
 I've seen some really tiny women modelling for bikini companies that rock the tiny frame and still have a booty and smaller curves, other times i've seen models that resemble stick insects and worry me that they're giving people the wrong impression about what they do to keep skinny. I usually have a hard time trying to pick a bikini online purely because i don't look like those models advertising the product. How will i know if that top or bottom will suit my frame? i usually can guess it pretty well but only because i'm a shopaholic (thank goodness!) but others may have this issue and not be able to resolve it.

Over the years that i've been blogging and have had instagram i've noticed a change, while some companies prefer slender models to represent them, more and more businesses are going with healthy clean eating lifestyle advocates  to represent them. I really think there's a difference between skinny models and slender women who are thin because they take care of their bodies.

Look at Alexis Ren - she works god damn hard to look the way she does, she was gifted with fantastic genes and she owned them! I love seeing her photos around because she puts out such a positive vibe about herself. She is a beautiful slender model.


Jenah Yamamoto is another one of my favourites - she's so tiny but looks mega healthy in my eyes because she's not just skin and bones - you can see that girls 6 pack and muscle def all the time!


So many more companies are donating to charities and foundations to help young girls out there and i love that!

The one thing i do get sick of - is seeing the same handful of models in EVERYONES feed. It's so annoying! i don't follow them for a reason but yet they're all through the swimwear industry.

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  1. I agree completely, it totally depends on the model. It is challenging to order swimsuits online though cause my body type if different from the models they use but I'm learning to figure out flattering styles for me :)


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