The Wish List | September

 There's not many things on my wish list this month but the main thing would have to be a Same Swim Bikini..

With tiny models wearing even smaller bikinis i think i died and went to heaven with this new brand. Same Swim is yet to release their first collection and i'm on the waiting list to be notified when it does! 

I don't even know how much money i need to save in order to purchase one of these bikinis since they've been so tight lipped on releasing any details so far. That's probably the most disappointing part for me about it, waiting to know how expensive they will be. I've been saving for a few weeks now - these top two styles are the ones that i'm interested in getting. 
And do the bikini bodies come in a package too?

It reminds me of the brand Kiini, but i prefer Same Swim over Kiini any day. Lets hope their price tags aren't the same!
The only details i know is that apparently the release date is in September. As soon as i have a set you'll know about it!


  1. i bet they will be super expensive!

  2. I really like the white one! The second one reminds me of a popular style I've been seeing online lately...can't remember the brand....maybe triangl?

    1. they remind me of Kiini Bikinis. they keep pushing out the release date online, it was august, then september now its october! i can't save enough money to go buy them because so many other companies have cute kinis to invest in!


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