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The last 3 months have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, i've had so much going on in my life that i haven't had a chance to start taking care of myself again. 

I've been so incredibly fortunate to have a slim petite built body that i've never really had to worry about what i'm eating up until now. 
I've realised the importance of how treating your body like a temple can help you live longer and feel better. Luckily for me! My new Thin Tea care pack arrived in the mail today (the 3rd of August) so i'm going to spend the next month documenting how it affects me and include progress photos along the way.

28 Day Combo $82.09

 Upon opening the parcel - which included free shipping (also available world wide), each 28 day pack will come with;
  • 28 Day Supply ThinTea Alkalise & Detox Blend (Net 80g)
  • 28 Day Supply Fat Burn Blend (Net 80g)
  • Eating Plan - on the website

 Complete Health Pack $115
Each Complete Health pack is full of things that are going to benefit you! It comes with;
  • 28 Day Supply ThinTea Alkalise & Detox Blend (Net 80g)
  • 28 Day Supply Fat Burn Blend (Net 80g)
  • 14 Day Supply of ClariTea loose leaf (Net 40g)
  • 14 Day Supply of Sleepy Slumber loose leaf (Net 40g)
  • 14 Day Supply of Stress Less loose leaf (Net 40g)
  • Leaf Tea Strainer
  • Eating Plan

Strainer $9.52

Thin Tea offers a 3-step process uses two separate blends to help you lose weight and keep it off.
Step 1: Alkalise your body so it can absorb the nutrients it needs better.
Step 2: Eliminate harmful toxins from your body.
Step 3: Speed up your metabolism so you can burn calories faster while keeping hunger at bay.
Your body does it's best when it’s in an alkaline state, not going to lie, most people need some help getting their body to that point. Thin Tea's first Detox Blend helps alkalise your body and leaves you feeling balanced and refreshed. It contains fennel seed and nettle leaf, which provide antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and even ward off allergies. Meanwhile, marshmallow leaf, dandelion root, and juniper berry work to help your food digest and reduce acidity. Our blend also includes rose petal to help stimulate and harmonise your immune and nervous systems. Once your body is in harmony, you’re ready to start burning fat!
Our second blend is designed to be consumed just before you eat dinner. The active ingredients get right to work, boosting your metabolism so your body can burn those calories you’re about to eat faster. It also suppresses your appetite so you won’t be tempted to overeat.
Our tea is designed to promote digestive health, which means you’ll feel great from your very first sip. Unlike laxatives, which shock your body, our tea works with your digestive system to create the perfect natural environment that is conducive to losing weight. You’ll notice less bloating, more energy, a stronger immune system, and the clean, fresh feeling that can only come from detoxifying your body!

 All Blends are 100% Natural Gluten, Dairy, Caffeine, Preservative and Additive free! 
Our products do not contain laxatives.

In just 7 days drinking Thin Tea, you’ll notice:
  • an increase in energy
  • a lower appetite
  • a stronger immune system
  • an increase in your metabolism
  • clearer skin
  • overall health improvements
  • improvements in your body’s ability to expel waste while retaining nutrients
  • a reduction in digestive upset
 If you want to lose weight and keep it off – They recommend that you follow the instructions on the pack, try to get 30 minutes of daily exercise minimum, drink 2 to 3L of water per day, and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

ThinTea’s ingredients will kick your digestive system into high gear so it can be much more efficient and do the work it was meant to do.
Following our recommendations for eating, sleeping, drinking water, and exercising can keep you looking slim and feeling great long after you’ve completed the detox. That’s why we’re so proud to say that we offer a sustainable, long-term solution for weight loss!

How soon should I expect my tea to arrive?
Free! Next day shipping on all orders, so you’ll receive your pack as soon as day 2! 
Free!- Australia - Free Postage. usually 1-2 business days
Free!- International (USA, Europe, UK, Asia) With DHL GlobalMail, usually 5- 12 business days
Free!- International (Africa, Middle East, UAE) With DHL Globalmail, usually 7-15 business days

Should I exercise while drinking ThinTea Detox?
Yes. Our detox actually helps get your digestive system back on track by alkalising and detoxifying it. If you want to give your weight loss and energy levels a boost, exercising for half an hour a day can make a big difference. You don’t have to join a gym or start training for a marathon; even a daily brisk walk is enough to help you maximise the benefits.

Does ThinTea expire or 'go off'?
Technically speaking, tea does not actually spoil or expire in the sense that it never becomes unsafe to drink over time. However, it is important to keep in mind that tea carries the most health benefits and best taste when it is fresh. That’s why we only ship the freshest tea blends and place them in a resealable foil pouch specifically designed to lock in freshness.

Will ThinTea affect my contraceptive pill?
No - ThinTea is NOT a laxative and it doesn't affect the pill. 

Can I drink ThinTea while breastfeeding or pregnant?
There is really no need to detox while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, if pregnancy or having a newborn are interrupting your sleep cycles or affecting your concentration levels, Sleepy Slumber Tea and ClariTea are safe choices to help you get a fantastic night’s sleep.

So everyone stay tuned for my updates on Thintea! Yay! 

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