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I was lucky enough to get asked to collab with Khongboon Swimwear again and this time i chose one of the high waisted bikinis - the Bova - right now you can get it from the Khongboon Swimwear Website for half price. Usually they're around $98USD for the set but right now and for a very limited time only you can get it for less then $50.

Use my code - collabfab15 to get 15% off your next purchase with free shipping. 

I purely ordered this bikini because i saw how good it looked on a girl in a photo i found on tumblr - i am yet to find the girl in the photo to follow her, but she was absolutely rocking it and i only hope it looks half as good on me as it does on her.

Not gunna lie - just spent 15 minutes looking for it online - here it is!

After ordering it through their customer service team it took less then two weeks to arrive to my door step and right in time for the long weekend - that's going to be 30 degrees all weekend too! I got to prance around in the sun wearing my new bikini all day. My sister was kind enough to take some photos for me to share! I love Khongboon and will always be a loyal customer, i'm loving the new 2015 designs they have just released and hopefully i'll get to join in on all the fun with that range soon.

So without further adieu here's my photo diary for today!


  1. Hi! What size did you end up getting? I read in your previous posts that you were going to trial size S

    1. Yes this is the size small, it fits better then my mediums that's for sure


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