My Thoughs on Essena O'neill Quitting Social Media

Well this was interesting to watch. In my option - Essena is a young girl who makes her decisions on her emotions - like all teenage girls. I remember feeling like what Essena says she feels and i wasn't Instagram famous. Responding to her feelings like this has caused a lot of drama and Essena losing a lot of friends and potentially burning bridges with businesses and companies in the processes. I wouldn't want to hire her after she said those things about other companies online.

Her follower count on instagram has skyrocked to nearly 1 million followers before i'm pretty sure being removed completely today. I just went to double check the followers to not be able to find it at all. Could this be a marketing tool to rebrand herself and gain more fame and publicity? if it was, it worked!

The pressure of being Instafamous was just too much for her and unfortunately she didn't have a wonderful support network to help her get through this point in her life.

It's awful that Essena has now put herself in a position where she is asking for money because her sole income was social media and now she can't afford her rent. I would think that if Essena was getting offered $1,000 for a photo on instagram she would have saved a lot of money to save for the future. But i guess when i was 19 saving money was the last thing on my mind.

 I appreciated her photos because they were beautiful. 

One of the things that stands out to me the most is Essena created a set plan and gave it out online for girls to get fit when she first started to grow bigger online - i'm fairly certain i have a print out hidden somewhere in my room of it too, but now it turns out that she wasn't following it herself to look like that and she was staying that fit looking by using unhealthy measures! that makes me feel heaps better that i worked my ass off using the healthy method for it not to work! That it just wasn't possible for me to look like that without a full time gym membership, calorie restrictions and no sugar ever. She's the one who created the fake online persona when all Essena was saying is that she is sharing herself online - no she was sharing her persona that she created for more publicity. 

I love social media, i love using it and uploading photos and seeing what everyone else is up to. I love being connected to the world using social media.  I don't let it control my life and it's my hobby - i spend my free time checking it out because i enjoy it! some days i really feel like giving up purely because it is a lot of hard work that goes into composing my photos and blog posts, i've not touched my blog in weeks because it was late at night and i would rather cuddle my boyfriend. I'll always remember that my life is real and social media is just that, social media. I've never believed that it was all real ever, my parents taught me better then that.

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