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With Summer well and truly on its way Down Under i've put together a little something something of my favourite moisturising creams that i use daily and to prepare my skin for a tan. Or if i'm really feeling up to is and pampering myself.

I will freely admit that i adore anything that comes out of the House of Frank and this body cream is now one of my favourites.
I wish i could use it daily but because it's so expensive i'm a bit scared to use it all so quickly! It's got Frank's signature coffee scent to get you going first thing in the morning and added coconut oil and other oils to add back the moisture into your skin. It retails at $21.95

MOR Marshmallow Body Cream is an off white colored cream that is softly whipped designed for intense absorption. MOR is collaboration between Australian designers, Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor. I highly recommend this scented deep moisturizing product for those with very dry skin and would like the body cream to have a nice soft floral fragrance.Retails at $34 although i did get mine on sale for $10 from a cosmetic store.

Reef Sun has some of the nicest tanning oils that have been around for a very long time, so it is possible to say they've successfully done it again with their Coconut Body Butter. I use it daily (on my elbows) for soft and supple skin. It smells like heaven and really i just sit there smelling myself for about 5 minutes afterwards. It's thicker then the top two creams in my opinion and by far my favourite to date. contains vitamin E and aloe vera in a creamy non-greasy formulation that is moisturising and keep's skin soft, hydrated and supple. I'm pretty sure this tub retails at $12 or something like that. Quite affordable.


Nivea released their Q10 Moisterising cream a few years ago. I've found it helps when it get sun burnt. As it's such a light cream it goes on light and doesn't feel heavy on the burns. As for the firming side of the cream, i've never noticed it actually assist in firming my skin - although i've never used it routinely like you're supposed to to se the results. While i've seen and heard many reviews about the firming aspect i have heard this quote from Paula's Choice "This body lotion makes skin feel firmer and tighter due to its alcohol content. The drying effect of alcohol coupled with the high amount of glycerin this contains can make skin feel tighter as it dries, but it’s a fleeting, cosmetic sensation rather than your skin actually becoming firmer." Retails at $10

Bali Body's tanning oils have been a huge success - especially the cocoa tanning oil,  love it so much i just ordered another one today before my current one is out. The Bali Body's Luxe Moisturising Lotion is a bit of a rip off compared to others on the market at price value. You're paying for the packaging and the brand name - both of which i do adore. There's not much in the bottle (110ml), the smell isn't that great but it is light enough that i can put it on my face without breaking out - which is heaven for me and just about everything makes me break out. Free from artificial fragrance, parabens and synthetic chemicals this luxe body lotion will leave you with a fresh, light grapefruit scent, perfect for everyday use (but be prepared - it probably wont last very long if you use it daily and it is currently sold out). Instagram babes are raving about this product. Retails at $18.

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