Moana Bikini Paradise Found Review

Today i spent the afternoon at the river with Monty trying not to get too burnt, i now smell like chocolate thanks to my Bali Body Cocoa tanning oil (which is amazing and i just ordered more!)
I got to try out my new Moana Bikini. Moana doesn't come cheap at all and sometimes i feel like it's totally a rip off but then i remember how much i love the material on my skin and the colours and styles aren't like any other brand. Then i'm totally okay with forking out $175 for this bikini.

I'm wearing the currently sold out Skittel Bottoms but due to be restocked on the 10th of December, right on time for last minute Christmas shopping for your lovely ladies. Also not pictured in these photos was the matching mix and match Double Knot Vela top which fits just like a charm!

 There also may or may not have been some skinny dipping followed after these photos as well. Makes for a very risky swim, luckily for us, we were the only ones down this end of the bend.
I wear a medium in all of Moana's styles, they're made a lot small so the really petite and younger girls are able to wear them as well.

I've also ordered the Sushi Roll bottoms from eBay because it turns out there was a girl selling a few of the styles brand new for $10-15 less then Moana was. Needless to say i'm now folloing her for updates on other styles that she's going to upload. Seriously hate the fact that the tax isn't included in the advertised price! I thought it should be since it's owned and run by an Australian in Australia!
So the Sushi bottoms are only going to be $83 from eBay instead of $94 and they should actually arrive faster then this latest bikini because there wasn't a mad rush to buy them. Praise the lord someone was looking after my bank account.


  1. Can't wait to see more, your tan looks amze

  2. needs more ass shots

  3. wish i could afford them, they're way too much out of my price range


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